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Called in by her friend, and Exorcist, Arma Toulon, Eunica is invited to go on her first official investigation since coming out of retirement.

Case Opened: 2/15/2015


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The Disruptor

Name: Eunica Chambers
Age: 31 (Chronologically 110)
Race: Human
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Occupation: Freelance Investigator/Antiquarian
Former officer of IMP Investigative Branch
Honorary Agent of Deathsayers Inc.
Former Agent of the Vigil
Queen of Mystery
Freelance Investigator (Authorized by Magi Association)

Random Facts:

-Owns six handguns: a pair of Colt Pythons she named "The Twins," a Thompson Contender, a Webley Revolver, a Remington 1890, and a Ruger Super Redhawk
-Proficient at Wing-Chun; if she were trained in an official dojo, she'd be probably 6 or 7 Kup

-Competent knife-fighter.

-Has only been really practicing magicraft for about 5 years.

-Aviophobic--she hates flying.


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Arma Veritas Report | 04/25/2017 7:53 pm
Arma Veritas
"Well, it sounds like you had a blast with this peculiar case. Stuff like this are a rarity these days." Arma comments before leaning back against her seat. Her fingers lightly tapped against the porcelain surface of her teacup. "It has been quiet over here too, in Bluebell. Ever since I inherited my grandfather's shop, I've focused my attention more on my business in order to keep afloat. Unfortunately, work has slowed down in recent weeks. But hopefully, with spring break coming around, work will start up again."

"Oh yes, I remember. To be frank, I did find her creepy for a doll. But for a sentient being, I do admire her loyalty since she would not answer to no one but Aura, even going so far as to call her 'princess'. Speaking of which, does she still calls Aura that?"
Arma Veritas Report | 04/23/2017 4:05 pm
Arma Veritas
Her eyes lit up at the idea. A week to themselves somewhere of their choosing.. "Really? That would be wonderful!" She exclaimed, before pausing a moment to take another sip of her tea. "While I do not mind a familiar setting, there are times where I want to get out of my comfort zone for a while."

"By the way, how are things going in Littlewood? And Aura?"
Arma Veritas Report | 04/12/2017 8:09 pm
Arma Veritas
"So do I." Arma said, a light smile on her lips. "Playing the piano together and shooting virtual zombies was fun that we even made a selfie to commemorate that day." She sets her tea down, and places a hand over Eunica's. "I wouldn't mind doing it all over again of course."

(*cough* Short. On a side note, I'm starting to focus on Arma's story again. Its more of an update to her bio, since I might not fully implement it through entries.)

Arma Veritas Report | 03/22/2017 2:34 pm
Arma Veritas
"It was at the Pier -- last summer I believe." She replied, taking a slow sip of her coffee. "While it was just a 'outing' between friends in the beginning, I still called it a date. I don't know why, I suppose it was the only word that came to mind."
Arma Veritas Report | 03/17/2017 9:02 pm
Arma Veritas
((Ooc: No worries, I was meant to reply yesterday xD; ))

"Letting me choose, huh?" She jested, returning her smile. "That's fine, it'll be my treat." Just then, the same waitress from before, approached the pair's table with a pitcher of water and two glasses.

"Are you ready to order, ladies?"

"Yes. We'll have one vanilla chai Tea, one black coffee, and some shortbread cookies, please."

The waitress nodded, writing down the orders on a small notepad. "Okay, I will be back with your order." A minute later, the waitress returned with a tray that held their hot beverages and cookies, which she sets on the table with a small jug of cream and a glass canister of sugar. "Enjoy~"
Arma Veritas Report | 02/28/2017 4:53 pm
Arma Veritas
The two women found a good seat near the window at the far end of the café. No sooner had they sat down, a waitress with a pixie haircut and wearing a black and rose pink outfit, warmly greeted the couple before handing them each a menu, and leaving them alone again.

"I wonder if they have Jasmine tea." Arma mused as she looked over the menu. So far, there were selections that caught her interest -- some familiar to her and under a different name, while others she never heard of before. While she wasn't hungry, she considered ordering some cucumber sandwiches to have with her tea.

"What are you going to have, Eunica?"
Arma Veritas Report | 02/25/2017 10:10 pm
Arma Veritas
"Very much indeed." She agreed as they walked down the corner and made a turn on their right, both hand in hand. While the winter season was far from over, the fact the recent days had been nothing but warm weather, which was perfect for a day out.

"It also feels nice that we're even walking together in the open like this." She thought with a relax sigh, her hand still in her girlfriend's grasp.
Arma Veritas Report | 02/23/2017 7:39 pm
Arma Veritas
"Well nothing too spectacular, but a new Cafe and Pie shop opened up recently. I've been wanting to check it out." She answered, before turning away from her girlfriend for a moment to retrieve her bag from the counter. "And its only around the block."
Arma Veritas Report | 02/23/2017 12:13 pm
Arma Veritas
"Well," She murmured, her lips curved into a teasing smile. "We could always.." Arma leaned toward her girlfriend's ear to whispered something, which may have caused the other woman to turn redder with her playful ear to ear kisses. "But we can save that for later -- I was thinking we could go out and visit the town square. The weather fairly nice compare to the frigid cold winter-storm from last month."
Arma Veritas Report | 02/19/2017 9:46 pm
Arma Veritas
Despite her heart racing, Arma seem to relax in the embrace. It has been a month since the exorcist had seen her girlfriend in person, as a result of each other's personal obligations. Yet here they were, together at last.

"What should we do now? We have the whole day to ourselves."


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