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Called in by her friend, and Exorcist, Arma Toulon, Eunica is invited to go on her first official investigation since coming out of retirement.

Case Opened: 2/15/2015


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The Disruptor

Name: Eunica Chambers
Age: 29 (Chronologically 108)
Race: Human
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Occupation: Freelance Investigator/Antiquarian
Former officer of IMP Investigative Branch
Honorary Agent of Deathsayers Inc.
Former Agent of the Vigil
Queen of Mystery
Freelance Investigator (Authorized by Magi Association)

Random Facts:

-Owns six handguns: a pair of Colt Pythons she named "The Twins," a Thompson Contender, a Webley Revolver, a Remington 1890, and a Ruger Super Redhawk
-Proficient at Wing-Chun; if she were trained in an official dojo, she'd be probably 6 or 7 Kup

-Competent knife-fighter.

-Has only been really practicing magicraft for about 3 years.

-Aviophobic--she hates flying.


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Okami Tenrou Report | 03/02/2015 12:48 pm
Okami Tenrou
"You'll... really?" Cyane instantly perked up, before letting out a small sigh of relief, "All right, lets go then! I promise I'll make it up to you in the future... somehow. Although I should be thankful things haven't gotten that bad yet..." Aha, perhaps it was best she didn't mention passing out in an alleyway covered in blood a few weeks ago. With that the girl happily trotted to the cafe, keeping her hands clasped behind her back, before looking back, "Anything you want Eunica?"
Okami Tenrou Report | 03/02/2015 12:23 am
Okami Tenrou
She instantly straightens up, "Ah, anywhere is fine really. The only catch is it needs to be cheap since my father hasn't been too generous with my allowance either, so I can't afford a lot at the moment. Maybe a cafe or something then? Simple is fine!"
Okami Tenrou Report | 03/02/2015 12:14 am
Okami Tenrou
The girl once more flushed redder as the woman patted her on the head, before reaching up to straighten her hat, "W-well it wasn't supposed to be intentional, that's what I meant! I-I mean it was his fault I got suspended and am in this mess, so it's not like I can forgive that idiot either!" She frantically spurts out, only to calm down once she noticed Eunica's own uncertain expression and quickly proceeds to clasps both of her hands behind her back innocently, "No-thing of course!" But her tone seemed considerably more cheerful, until her stomach let out a loud gurgle.

Cyane felt herself flush, before letting out a sigh, "Err, actually if it's okay with you can I get something to eat? I kind of haven't eaten anything for a day already..."

((Aha gotcah, same here actually. Nothing more than "something happened" here too. XDDD; ))
Okami Tenrou Report | 03/02/2015 12:02 am
Okami Tenrou
"H-hey it was purely by accident!" She quickly stutters back, face flushed, at the other woman's teasing comment, "I-I was just supposed to keep an eye on him and eliminate him if he became a threat, and besides it's more like he plowed through it than just chipped a path through." Cyane crossed her arms over her chest sheepishly, before shooting back, "W-what about you and Arma though? Have you two been on any new cases?"
Bleuberry Ghost March Report | 03/01/2015 9:20 pm
Bleuberry Ghost March
"Be careful, Eunica." Watching the other woman run after the thief, Arma turned back at the lady, and helped her onto her feet. "It will be okay, my friend knows what she is doing." She assures before reaching into her phone to call the police.

"Hello? Yes I would like to report a robbery.."


The man ran through the narrow alleyway, and came out on the next street, running past a few pedestrians and pushing them out of the way. He knew someone was tailing him from behind, but he did not look back to see who it was. He cursed at himself under his breath. Sensing Eunica was not far off from behind, he cut through the next alley to momentarily lose as he reached the back alleys behind the buildings. He found a dark, dank gap between two buildings and hid. He was planning to ambush the stranger so that she would stop following him. With a gray hood over his head, he takes in cautious breaths before he pulls out a switch blade from his coat pocket, carefully waiting for his pursuer in the shadows..
Bleuberry Ghost March Report | 02/28/2015 9:38 pm
Bleuberry Ghost March
((Ooc: Not familiar with the anime, but wow. I would have gone with the latter, but I'm leaning toward an AU where Eunica has short navy hair, and Arma has long orange hair tied in a ponytail XD ))

"Oh, well I don't have anything against that." She said, although she seemed to flutter about the idea of another outing where it would just be she and Eunica alone. Not that she was against the idea of having Aura or any of their familiars around. She never wanted to keep someone she felt close to away from hanging out with other people just to keep her happy. "On the other hand, I'm glad that Aura is getting out of the house more often. I bet you worry about her while she's gone, and I don't find anyting wrong about --"

"Help!" Arma was cut off mid-sentence when she heard a woman's voice, coupled by the sound of trash bins toppling on to the ground; when a shady looking man came sprinting out of the alleyway, and ran across the street, not stopping to notice the two women.

"What the.."

"Come back!" Shouted a woman who emerged from the alleyway, completely out of breath. She collapsed just as Arma ran over to catch her in time.

"M'am, are you alright?" She asked with concern.

"That man... he stole my locket!" She replied, her wavy auburn hair had covered her eyes, and she brushed it aside to look up at the exorcist. Arma's brows knitted in irritation. If there was one thing she despised was witnessing innocent people getting mugged, and in a supposed peaceful town no less. "Please help me.."

"Eunica, I'll stay here with her. You go after that man before he gets away!"

((Ooc: Cheesy, but its a start xP Anyway, I'm switching over to the thief just to make it an interesting chase between him and Eunica <w< ))
Bleuberry Ghost March Report | 02/26/2015 5:57 pm
Bleuberry Ghost March
"I don't know if I should apologise or not." She responded with a teasing smile, before shuddering a little. The tiny needles of frost touched her face; and even with the double layers she had on, the exorcist shivered. The air was not as tolerable than she thought it would be; but she suspected there was a lake not far from town. She listened attentively as they walked further down the street where they passed the alley way that lead toward the back alley or the next street. ".. I remember when you invited me over to help translate the notes from Mordio's journal. It wasn't easy finding the location of your house. I did follow the route you gave me on the phone, but I still kept asking the locals for directions. Some of them were not any help; they just seemed awefully wary of my presence, especially the two older men who flat out called me an outsider. There was one lady who was kind enough to lead me toward the right path, despite the fact that she wasn't that accurate with her directions."

Arma smiled at her suggestion. ".. Sounds like a date." She teased, her eyes now meeting Eunica's. "Once we know our way around this town, we can come here on our own."
Bleuberry Ghost March Report | 02/22/2015 3:58 pm
Bleuberry Ghost March
"Ah.. I see." She said, though feeling a bit uncertian. However, the light pat on her shoulder made her ease a bit, and she followed after Eunica. As they walked, Arma was observing the signs of the shops they past by. She was fascinated by this area. Though Salumet was a village, it wasn't far from the rustle and bustle of Lambda City. This town was like its own little country, far from any city, and surrounded by wilderness. It was no wonder Ezra called it a special resort area since it was lesser known than bigger places like Hawaii or Paris. "Not many people come here often, it seems. But I suppose that's good. After all, who would've want to go to a place overpopulated by tourists and regulars combined?" Arma said as they walked. "...When looking at this place, it reminds me of Rosewater. Every shop was so close to each other, and everyone knew everyone -- regardless how far or near you lived from the town surrounded by open country and trees."
Okami Tenrou Report | 02/21/2015 10:13 pm
Okami Tenrou
((Pfft, I think she looks good. It kinds of suits her x3))
Bleuberry Ghost March Report | 02/20/2015 11:20 pm
Bleuberry Ghost March
Ezra smiled. "Thanks, you ought to be careful too, although since you've been doing this line of work for a long time, you seem to know what you're doing." After Eunica stepped out of the car, he waved at the two women goodbye before he drove off. Arma waved back at her contact when she felt Eunica standing beside her. She smiled when they started walking down the sidewalk. "That's impressive." Arma answer, before being asked about her companions. "Oh.." She said before nodding. "I do, Esk is a miniature statue in my pocket; Talius is somewhere. He's been following us all this time, but since Ezra doesn't know about him, he's managed to stay clear from view." She sighed. "...Hopefully, he didn't get lost along the way.."

"By the way, what was Ezra telling you in the car just now?"


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