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The Littlewood Logs

Mordio's Deed

When Eunica bought a home in Littlewood, she did not expect to find herself sharing the house with a silver haired woman named Aura, who was apparently abandoned by her father 15 years ago. After discovering that a magical illusion had been lifted on her home, revealing where Aura had been staying.

It did not take long for Eunica to learn that the man who sold her the house was also a mage. He had been erasing the memories of the previous inhabitants and buying back the house from them. He was waiting for another mage to take Aura's life. The focus of the investigation has since shifted to focus on Mordio.

After months of investigation(January 2014), Eunica and Aura were able to find one of Mordio's labs and met Mistral. While in the lab, they found a broken magic circle that connected to the spirit world. Mordio had been sealing souls within dolls, but the question now is what was the cost, if he was able to produce so many.

Eunica intended to seek answers from Calhoun, but found that the mage had been sent to the hospital after a vampire had infiltrated his home. When she visited his residence, she was greeted by Calhoun's wife. Sharing Eunica's exhaustion with the supernatural, she spilled the information her husband was hiding:

Mordio possessed an artifact known as an Alexandrian Text, which Eunica assumed gave him the knowledge to create a Soul Gate with little cost. The Magi Association, an NGO in Europe, is also looking for these Texts, but due to old agreements, they have no power in America. Using loop-holes, however, they were able to force Mordio to return to Europe.

Calhoun stayed behind to protect Aura from anyone who may seek the Text. Armed with this knowledge, Eunica had two choices: To find the Text or to return to a peaceful life.

Eunica chose the latter.

Case Closed: 1/14/2014

Storybook Ball

Eunica heard of a ball taking place somewhere and decided to take Aura with her to attend. When she got there, she got embroiled in a mystery involving fictional characters manifesting in the real world and they all are trapped in this city.

Working alongside Sherlock Holmes and his Detective Agency, Eunica sets off to help return everyone to their homes. The investigation, however, was cut short by the appearance of Merlin, who explained the debate of the whole mystery: Is magic a science? It seems that the Book Worms encountered in the library are something that the world has yet to understand. Maybe one day, there will be answers. For now, Eunica's content with a case closed and the literary figures returned home.

(This was an RP during the 11th Annual Ball)

Case Closed: 8/25/2013



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Eunica Chambers, Antiquarian and Investigator

Eunice Darwin, Mother of two, Wife, and Eunica's Twin Sister

Eunica Chambers's avatar

The Disruptor

Name: Eunica Chambers
Age: 28 (Chronologically 107)
Race: Human
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)
Occupation: Freelance Investigator/Antiquarian
Former officer of IMP Investigative Branch
Honorary Agent of Deathsayers Inc.
Former Agent of the Vigil
Queen of Mystery


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Arma Toulon Report | 09/17/2014 7:05 pm
Arma Toulon
"Basically its a rail shooter game where you must shoot zombies and other creatures with your light gun inside a large mansion. You gain points by killing enemies, rescuing civilians, and defeating the bosses in each stage." Arma explained and began placing tokens into the second slot before picking up her light gun. "Oh, and if you run out of bullets, you can reload by flicking your gun once."
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/17/2014 3:50 pm
Okami Tenrou
((Oh so there would you say magic is bloodline linked then? But I take it Eunica didn't go into magical training though, what about her sister?

I figured, but what really makes a person a monster and not just a person? I wanted this idea to be constantly bothering Cyane thought her life, so she's constantly wondering if whether or her high kill count, sworn obedience, and her regenerative abilities make her more of a monster than the monsters she's supposed to hunt. And it contributes to her mental breakdown in the end. I just like creating characters that have psychological issues, they're much more entertaining to play than "normal" characters. *is probably a bit messed up herself* XDDD; ))
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/17/2014 12:17 pm
Okami Tenrou
((So in that case would you say Eunica's overall goal is to eradicate magic, or just the knowledge of it? o.o

Aww it's all right. We can continue once we think of something >.< I actually find that rather interesting of Eunica, does she refuse to kill due to a bad experience or is just a personal moral choice? In that case Cyane's kind of the opposite; I wanted her to be a character that hunts demons but kills so much she's pretty much a demon herself. It's one of the many factors that's supposed to contribute to her unstable mental state.))
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/17/2014 12:40 am
Okami Tenrou
((Nice, so is Eunica basically trying to collect all the texts? My version unfortunately doesn't focus on artifacts as much due to being more militarized, but I might include them if I can find a good plot. I kind of took mine from the concept of Yggdrasil, with humans branching off at the top but inventively all living things are connected to the root at the bottom.

And yeah, if you can get one up let me know. Sorry I haven't really been able to think of a reply, I'm just not too sure where to go from here. But I do feel Cyane does view Eunica as a mentor figure, although their ideals might be a bit different.))
Okami Tenrou Report | 09/17/2014 12:08 am
Okami Tenrou
Aww I just wanted to say thank you >///< I try not to adapt too much (I would say Cyane's world is more akin to MGS than Type MOON) but I love that concept that there is an "Origin" to magic.

Just out of curiosity, do you have a profile or bio of some sort of Eunica? Just realized I know very little about her background so I was hoping to get to know your OCs better. ^_^
Arma Toulon Report | 09/15/2014 4:01 pm
Arma Toulon
"Hm, let's see.." Arma pondered while looking at the available arcade cabinets. "I guess we can try that one." She pointed toward the arcade box that had zombies displayed on the side panels, and banner with the title that read "House of the Dead". A zombie game; this actually being one of the titles she played with her familiar on the home console. As she approached the cabinet, the medium picked up on the light guns from the black holster, and looked back at Eunica. "Have you ever played House of the Dead before?"

Wings Of Reparation Report | 09/14/2014 7:49 pm
Wings Of Reparation
For a moment, Dahlia thought about the offer. That sounded like a well enough proposition, but at the same time, she never really liked sleeping anywhere else other than the Azule Household. It was probably Mother Creia's doing, but there was always this comforting feeling whenever she slept in her room back at the Azule household. A strange warmness washed over her, like resting inside a hot-spring after a long and stressful day. She always woke up feeling refreshed and energized.

"That's kind of you to offer, but I'm going to have to politely refuse." Dahlia shook her head as she stood up, bowing her head slightly. "I will speak to you again soon, Eunica. Until that time, I wish you a good night."

She was quick to make her way back to the door, opening and closing it behind her as she exited the house. From there, she proceeded onward through the rain in search of a place to remain hidden until the time came.

[ Yeah, Dahlia is definitely not taking it, but Creia would be jealous. She'd be like 'Dahlia, how could you! You got to snuggling with Eunica while I was gone?!' xD Fun fact about her is during all the times she's been on missions for Mother Creia or of her own agenda, she always sleeps outside. The only place she'll ever sleep and relax in is in the Azule Household because of Creia's spell inside the house that rejuvenates whoever sleeps inside it. Or...if it's one of those lustful nights where Creia brings in someone for some intimate time, it increases their sexual desire, stamina, and pleasure. Too much information~

Oh, and I'm calling it a temporary end on this RP session. My brain just can't keep up anymore, which explains the quick exit there by Dahlia. Sorry! >____<; ]
Wings Of Reparation Report | 09/14/2014 7:15 pm
Wings Of Reparation
"If the crystal acts up again, then it is just only small glimpses you'll see of what Mother Creia and Yin are doing right now. As for how I will know when it is ready, that comes down to my own instincts. it is because that crystal is connected to me because Mother Creia told me to place the other half of the crystal inside her. So I will know when the crystal stops pulsing and I will also feel whenever the crystal may malfunction and release more previews of Mother Creia's investigation. Within a certain radius, of course, which is why I'll be staying around Littlewood." Dahlia explained, but she did not answer right away at the last question. Truth be told, she did not have a place to stay. She was just going to lay somewhere hidden with her perception veil on, remaining completely quiet until the time came when the crystal was ready. Sleeping in the Azule household was a luxury she enjoyed, but she was not afraid to sleep in the most uncomfortable places if it meant staying on the task at hand.

"I do not have a place to stay here in Littlewood, so I will have to...improvise...where I will be resting and hiding from the eyes of other to avoid drawing attention to myself and you, Eunica." She shrugged, basically implying she was going to hide and sleep somewhere outside.
Wings Of Reparation Report | 09/14/2014 6:36 pm
Wings Of Reparation
"I do not think that beast is of that caliber to this Devourerer you speak of. But...I'm sure they'll find a way to defeat it." Dahlia answered, confident in Mother Creia and Yin's abilities. "Hopefully that crystal will not be performing such an incident again. At any rate, do you have any questions? If not, I shall take my leave and remain hidden here in Littlewood until the time comes."
Wings Of Reparation Report | 09/13/2014 7:46 pm
Wings Of Reparation
Dahlia sighed as she rubbed her temples, feeling a headache coming on. It caused her much stress to see that Monifa and her were unable to assist Mother Creia and Yin. She only hoped her message to Fravardin Malak was delivered. If anyone was capable of helping those two, it was him and his mysterious companion Aurelia Ciara, but the two were like ghosts: Very hard to believe and find. Aurelia Ciara bordered on the world between dreams and reality and those planes are pretty difficult to navigate through without getting lost or suffering a fate worse than death. As for Fravardin, he was a wanderer and never in the same place for too long. He pretty much went where he pleased. That made it all the more annoying to contact him.

"That was...a glimpse of what they're going through right now." She finally answered. "I'm not sure what the being they were fighting was, but judging by the mist surrounding its body, that creature is almost impossible to kill and most likely the cause of why the humans in that world are all dead...if not...I shudder at the thought at what else could cause all the humans in the world to die."

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