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Hello to whomever happens to be reading this and welcome to Ether's profile. You may call me Ether, or maybe Ethy if it catches your fancy. Or if you should feel the need, call me Luna, but know that it weirds me out. Anyways, I'm a full time employee at Walmart doing Feature Management and whatever else happens to come up for the day. I love anything artsy, well, maybe not dancing, but still... I play clarinet, I sing, and I act along with being an avid reader and writing constantly. I'm also an advanced-literate roleplayer, so hit me up if you want to rp. Chances are I will accept you, but the idea you have needs to draw me in, so no cliche or just plain dumb stuff. Ok? Also, it just might be that you have the best storyline in the world but I'm too busy with other things to accept. I've got a super-craving for a roleplay based on any Anne Bishop series!

Please also note that since I do work full time, I may be a little bit slower when posting. I work Sunday through Thursday 7am-4pm MST and am always off on Fridays and Saturdays.


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Roux-tsu Report | 06/28/2015 6:54 am
Nooooo (/ties luna to self)
but did you enjoy your vacation, at least??
Roux-tsu Report | 06/27/2015 11:12 pm
Not too bad (: mostly busy with work~ How about you??
Roux-tsu Report | 06/27/2015 10:33 pm

Sending you sparkles of love
: D
Aeolith Report | 08/17/2014 10:08 pm
lol it's all good.
How old are you again? 24 now?
I'm about to be 25 in less than two weeks.
-also an august babu-
Aeolith Report | 08/12/2014 12:07 am
Happy birfday!
One day early because I know I'll forget to tell you tomorrow. ;D
Triantha Report | 07/13/2014 3:25 pm
I'm doing well. I'm working a lot, too. I work at a day care center with some little toddlers, so it's a lot of fun. smile
Triantha Report | 07/12/2014 1:05 pm
Hi Ethereal. I don't know if you remember me, but we friended each other awhile back. Your one of my few friends that is still active on Gaia, and I just wanted to see how you were doing. smile Hope everything's well!
l BEELZEBUB l Report | 06/15/2014 10:11 am
I don't know how effective waiting will be. Have you seen the amount of gold already dumped into the sink? It's insane how much is out there. And of course, Gaia is shitting all over the sink from the start by having gold generators released at the same time. This may drop inflation temporarily, but if they don't stop pumping more gold out, it's just going to go right back up after the sink.
l BEELZEBUB l Report | 06/15/2014 9:03 am
Hah. That works. xD I don't know if I'd bother for 100 million either... I mean... it's a lot... but at the same time... it's also chump change. Dx
l BEELZEBUB l Report | 06/15/2014 8:55 am
Oops... Well... Gaia does allow you to file a ticket and retrieve one mispriced item per account... So you could do that, if you feel the 100 million is worth the hassle of dealing with their inept ticket system... >->;

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