Call me HANA
1/3 of the Hana Sqwad

18 || December 6, 1998
Asian all the way

2nd Year University Student
Majoring in I.T.

Eden Eternal • League • Sims
foodie • reading • music • wolves

Harry Potter • Dramoine

Bangtan Boys • Yoongi Trash


previously known as "hanabeeee"
💜 : A Random Fairy & IL Family

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thank you : XxNumberOneStalkerxX

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Welcome to my shop ☻

` I try to make my items the lowest price possible,
but if there are no listings on the item, I MAY up it a bit.
` Feel free to PM me for a lower price on an item, but please NO lowballs.
` And I, in no circumstances, am responsible if the item
you PMed me about has been bought by another.

Thanks for coming and if you bought something, thank you again ☻

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