I'm a pretty cool guy, friendly, with alot of imagination. Just be nice and I'll treat you the same way, don't be afraid to approach me, if you wish to know more feel free to ask.

Name: Rob.
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'0
S. Orientation: Straight
From: Puerto Rico


If you're an artist in look for inspiration you're welcome to take a peak at my request.

Later. <3


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Oh well, humans are disgusting creatures lol

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Of course.

And that's pretty cool! I would prefer not dealing with customers / people anymore to be honest with you lol
I'm reaching near my breaking point for some customers.
Yeah, I am normally a nice person. But dear lord customers at Macys can be very rude and manipulative. Ive had one too many customers trying to rip me off because they said the item has a mark / etc when clearly you can tell that they wore / used the item.....
I'm also sick of co workers for not cleaning up and putting things away where they belong. The people that are not used to my area just throw things wherever they want and it makes me cringe and want to yell at them to pick up their mess =_=
Thank god I dont work with clothes, I would probably be yelling at the customers not to pile clothes into mountains and put things back nicely. I hate it when people are so rude and disorganized. makes me wonder what their home life is like when theyre so tactless not to put things back the way they were.
I know that its supposed to be part of the job, but its usually one person that can make a mountain of a mess for us to clean. It baffles me.

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Oh wow, that's great! Im glad to hear that things have been going well for you.
What kind of jobs are you applying for? I need a new job shortly, Im so sick of working in retail =_=

What will you be studying?
Yeah....life isnt easy in general, which is why Im working on it currently - trying to make things at least better somehow by doing things to make myself happy again

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Thanks Rob.

I appreciate it.

How are things at your end? Anything new?

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Just... a lot of depression.
Getting over things, and trying to better myself, because I need to get my life in order

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Oh well you know, the usual. Life kicking you in the a**.


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Hi Rob

Thanks, hope that things are going well at your end too....

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My family?! o: whaaa HAHAHA XD
Kuri-Mu Momo

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Kuri-Mu Momo

Well i do love Pokemon. Hahaha. I shall check it out, i'm in the process of setting up my desktop. Yaaaay!! I found a desk for it.

I need to find a suitable virus/ad/malware software so i can play games and do my animation.

Kuri-Mu Momo

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Kuri-Mu Momo

Terreria? Online MMORPG i'm guessing. No i do not, should i? XD



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