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Welcome! Gothor Salvator 1000th customer! Thank you for breaking the mark! heart
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=picture made for me by Arix Unlimited -no stealing please-=

Here is a few items that i have to offer you i collect them and sell them to those who want them. I try to sell the items at a fair price..
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DO NOT PM or COMMENT me and ask me to donate anything! I am questing! If i feel like being generous I will donate some to whom I feel like it. But others will be completly ignored.
My sales are FINAL AND FAIR. Dont ask me to lower prices, I check the marketplace and I usually change it to the best suitable price for that particular item. I COMPLETLY IGNORE BEGGERS so dont even waste your typing energy ;D
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If you do not like the prices then dont buy anything, no one is forcing you.

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