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Registered: 10/19/2004

Birthday: 03/08/1985

I go by all sorts of nicknames, they change all the time so if you wish, please feel free to just call me Eternal. This is where I am going to rattle on about any little thing that comes to mind.

I am a shy older gaian with a social anxiety problem. I stay hidden behind a computer or in my house for most of the day. Little trust do I have in the normal public anymore, because they dislike the odd and the different even though it is what everyone tells you to be.

Older video games are a deep passion of mine, stemming back to when I was three years old playing my first video game, Space Hawk, on the intellivision. Since then I have loved video games and played them any chance I got despite having little money of my own. Video Game music is almost the only thing I ever listen to besides older songs.

My true passion though, lies in writing. A dream of mine is to be a published author of fantasy, even just one book would make my world turn upside down. I mostly write and keep it to myself, fearing rejection, I am working on that doing random commissions for people when I feel the itch or desire. I can never stick to one project for very long though before I get ideas for other stories, moving to them I can never seem to finish anything. My personal goal, is to write more than four million words for one novel and have all of it flow perfectly. So far my max amount is sixty-thousand, but I'm getting better as time goes on.

But with the good comes the bad, I don't like immaturity (despite me acting like a six year old I know when enough is enough), if you act like you're in high school spreading rumors and being a mean spirited bully I'm probably just going to ignore you. The moment you start insulting a friend of mine you will probably not be on my good side.

If you wish to know anything else about me feel free to pm, but be warned if you are rude I might just put you on ignore.