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Why was I deleted? I delete the stupid and the silent. And for a select few out there, I know very well what you did that was so stupid and no longer want to associate with you. I'm sorry.

I am semi known in the writer shop area, but other than that I tend to stick to the shadows. Frequently seen updating my friends list because, simply put, if you presume or act stupid there is no desire on my end to keep you in close contact.

When I get to know you really well I tend to open up to my dark perverse side a lot more (not on gaia mind you). However, only a few people actually see it because I quickly get to know who the person is on the other side of the screen and see in my mind how they could handle it. I go through life on my gut and my intuition...often leading me in rather weird directions, preferring to rather swim against the social flow most of the time than with it. Most of the time people ask how I can see and relate to their situations I've not been in so easily and to me it's not that hard from my mind set. It's simply a matter of putting your soul in their shoes, leaving your views and biases behind.

I don't like passing my judgement on to people, it's not my place. However if you are emotionally or physically hurting the people around me I call friends, I'll have no choice but to cut you out of my life like a malignant growth.

My hobbies include: Writing, video games, anime (mostly harem and fanservice), reading, junk food, staring at shiny things for long periods of time, and whining.

If you want to know more about me than shoot me a PM, but I won't put up with empty flattery and stupidity. I've gotten enough of that.

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