Pansexual | Pisces/INTJ | Taken

I am a slow responder when it comes to PM's, so if you want my attention you have to be patient.

I play video games like I need them to live.
I am extremely uncomfortable around most people and tend to get super quiet quickly.
If you came to be my buddy for items, well you won't be on my friend list long.
Hoping to one day become a published author of fantasy.
I seem to have a lot of people that presume things around me, I always tell the truth but I only offer information if you ask.
I love lots of anime, but I tend not to watch or enjoy a lot of the popular stuff.
I know I'm not a special snowflake nor do I claim to be.
I'm a lot older than most think I am.
I work 5-6 days a week 40+ hours, so I will not respond very quickly during the weekdays. Be patient with me or leave me alone.
I have very bad social anxiety making it really hard for me to talk to people, if I won't open up to you that's the problem. Don't be like stupid and presume I'm being snobby.

I don't give out personal information, skype, steam, or anything of that nature unless I know for a fact you won't bug me every single day or spam me with your life problems every second of the day. I've got enough of my own problems and I don't have time to deal with you.