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Registered: 10/19/2004

Birthday: 03/08


Here are some things about me:

☾ No I will not accept random friend requests, even if I've befriended you before and it's been a long time. Talk first.
☾ Yes, I am a girl. No, I'm not interested in dating, it's too painful. I will outright drop you like a rock if you try.
☾ Please don't treat me like I'm a powder puff that will hang on your every word, it's not attractive, just be yourself.
☾ I love Halloween.
☾ I donate, but if I see you being a total jerk before you ask me, you won't get one gold.
☾ I'm probably older than you. If that's a problem don't talk to me.
☾ Green is my favorite color.
☾ I love to write fantasy and hope to get published some day.
☾ I am an INTJ Pisces.
☾ I love older video games and have a deep love for 8 & 16-bit styles. The first game I played was Space Hawk on the Intellivision when I was three.
☾ I dislike children, but act like one quite a bit. This doesn't mean I can't be mature when the moment calls for it.
☾ I don't judge how you live your life, as long as you aren't physically harming anyone. Personality is usually what turns me away from people.
☾ Social Anxiety keeps me to myself, I've tried to break free of it, but the abuse from others runs too thick in me.
☾ I have an unhealthy obsession with Harem anime.
☾ I never said I was a nice person, but I'm loyal to the people that I call my friends. I can be nice, but scars run deep and I am a vengeful person I remember negative things from years ago like they happened yesterday.