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About me, and stuff.

Haben sie mich jetzt zu lieben?

So, yeah.
My name is Zeke. You can call me Estra if it makes you comfortable.
My former username was Bitter Experience.
I am 27.
I am a dude. I'm not gender fluid or whatever.
I do like to crossdress, though.
I am also eternally single, and not looking.
I'm ********. I prefer men, though. I guess.

I feel like if you want to know something about me, you should ask.
However, I'll give you a few things to start with.
I dislike traitors, thieves, prejudice, and arrogance.
I enjoy good books, interesting music, and dark colors.
I don't have many hobbies. I RP, write, and occasionally sing.

I apologize in advance if you meet me and I come across as a jerk.
I value honesty, and I tend to say what I think, even if it sounds mean.

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