Hello, & Welcome to my Profile.
I rarely come on Gaia as is, but I still like to poke in once in a while.

I am a hard working adult, currently a Barista at Starbucks working full time.
My hobbies include reading, gardening, floral design, music ( I play some piano, saxophone, ocarina, and sing), painting, designing, and pretty much anything that is creative.
I adore art in all forms, and I am not very picky. I am very open to all concepts of art and music. Of course, we all have opinions, but I rather look for beauty in all aspects.
I am very health conscious, and I am looking out for my own well being. I do not smoke, and I hardly drink. If I do, its only on special occasion like a Holiday.
I rather not get into detail on who I am, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people know who I am from back then on here.
Feel free to send me a message or a comment. I love to socialize.
Take care of yourself and have a lovely day/evening.