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Who, me?

Chances are you happened upon my profile after I charmed you into thinking I was incredibly cool and interesting. Or you clicked here by accident orz.

○ Exploded into your world Sept. 7th
○ Study behavioral neuroscience
○ Forever sleep deprived
○ Don't really have a favorite anything
○ Collect succulents, cookie fortunes, mugs
○ Mostly take up space on zOMG

Tell me a story?
(Maybe we could talk)
(Maybe we could be friends)
Drop me a comment or pm if you're feelin' it~

Part of my art collection:

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by Huozai Hou (ily)

User Image
by Meekeh

User Image
by My Black Lungs

User Image
by NeonNemo

User Image
by ??? (forgot user, so sorry orz)

User Image
by Cuteniao

User Image
by Xje

User Image
by belisarius

User Image
by Shattering Skies

User Image
by Hana-Panda


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