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I'm Catholic.

No, I don't hate
non-heterosexual people.
(What, you think all Catholics are straight? I'm a demisexual egalitarian.)

No, I don't think
you're going to hell.

No, I don't act like a saint.

I will never judge you.

I was 100% homeschooled by my mom.

I can type over 100 words per minute.

Black and pink, black and white.

Drawing + Coloring <3

I am addicted to the B/C minishops.

If you need someone to lend an ear, I'm here.

Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, The Joy Formidable, Skrillex, Ayumi Hamasaki, Story of the Year, 30 Seconds to Mars, Keane, Tool, Within Temptation, Silversun Pickups, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Loreena McKennitt, Blackmore's Night, Florence + The Machine.

Disney World Annual Passholder.

Twobitter pride.

Tektek junkie. (RIP)

Elder Scrolls, Zelda, Call of Duty, King's Quest VII, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Pokémon, Mario

I don't dislike anyone. I'm serious.

Thanks for stoppin' by.
And just remember that no matter how dark life seems to get, everyone on the planet has a built-in flash light. You just gotta turn it on. If you can't find the switch, it's probably in a place you don't want to look in. But look anyway. 'cause life isn't much fun when it's pitch black and you're trippin' all over the place.

[Please don't comment on my profile thanking me for buying something from your store. I didn't buy it to make you happy. I bought it for myself. lol]


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No problem! Have a great day. 3nodding

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No worries! I'm sure you probably deduced this yourself, but it has a couple of recolors too. Just search up Pawtner in the Marketplace to find them! 3nodding

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Hi there! It's this item:
User Image

I hope that helps!

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                  kingston's floral bristles cool


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May I ask what your pants are?
I Sinistro I

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I Sinistro I

I'm just going to admit defeat with Lent. I tried very hard not to swear, but it's HARD because it's part of my speech pattern / mannerism / stuff. XD
Also, I've been sickly as of late with a cold, it's on its way out now but you know when, like, you get sick your ears clog up? Well, I've been trying ALL day to get my blasted ears to pop and they won't pop. -_-
I Sinistro I

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I Sinistro I

Omg, don't eeeeeeven get me started on them!! XD

So, how's lent going for you? :O
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I Sinistro I

(D8 Thank you! It's SO difficult! XD)

Right?! People really should! I like this place! There's some amazing people here!
I Sinistro I

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I Sinistro I

Well, those people can go eat BUTT because Internet friends are NO different from irl friends! The only difference is: Distance!


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