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chaance on 12/10/2017


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Simply Gordon Report | 11/18/2017 9:10 pm
Thank you for all of the Fernally purchases. heart
sullen cookiebreed Report | 11/14/2017 5:43 am
ty for the tip!! lol
Lonesif Report | 10/23/2017 9:55 pm
Uhh hi Just wanted to say that your avatar is reeeally cool emotion_kirakira
okay bye lol
ZoeyZoeyZombie Report | 10/22/2017 4:40 am
Thanks for the purchase!
Syfawx Report | 10/13/2017 7:33 am
SDPlus #177 Inspector has an average price of 36 plat and you're selling for 9500 plat. Wow. cry
Yanrasei Report | 10/01/2017 8:11 pm
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 09/26/2017 7:28 pm
Here's a mock of the exclusive for the first one coming out
everyone else likes recoloring this item so might as well follow suit
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 09/26/2017 7:23 pm
No problem, you've always been supportive of my scheme so I thought, why not?
P.S.: I have two more bundles coming out in Atantis
Adrien Ludovic Gilles Report | 09/26/2017 7:17 pm
I sent you a trade = )
-I ShaNe I- Report | 09/23/2017 2:05 pm
heart ninja