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Navean Report | 08/24/2015 12:28 pm
So you do have your sea waters, then? Or are you still missing another 30?
Navean Report | 08/24/2015 9:18 am
Do you have all your sea waters now or are you still short some? Because I have some left over aquamarine caches and I'm not sure if those were mine from before or some of them are yours that you still need sea waters from cat_sweatdrop
Anthuknee Report | 08/23/2015 12:18 pm
would be nice. but only if tvg can't bring the place back to life
Anthuknee Report | 08/22/2015 9:49 pm
Brain and the tvg have always been in good terms. Plus all his promotions and fans can bring the place back to life dramallama
Anthuknee Report | 08/22/2015 8:26 pm
If things still don't seem to work. My suggestion would be to merge with the hoarding guild. That would bring the brother-sister guilds together dramallama
Anthuknee Report | 08/22/2015 7:18 pm
Yeah I know lol. Oh well, hope they know what they're doing to keep it alive. I actually have a crazy idea lol
Anthuknee Report | 08/22/2015 6:16 pm
We did it rofl
Anthuknee Report | 08/22/2015 11:14 am
Navean Report | 08/22/2015 6:18 am
K emotion_c8
wtvrs Report | 08/22/2015 12:11 am
thanks cat_3nodding
it's the second sweater pose in brisk semester!!