Total Trophies (including those earned from my alternate accounts)

Feb 2012: OA, Gambino Bronze, Durem Bronze, Junk Bronze
Apr 2012: Durem Bronze, Bassken Bronze
Jul 2012: Durem Gold
Aug 2012: Durem Bronze
Sep 2012: Durem Gold
Oct 2012: Durem Gold
Mar 2014: Bassken Bronze, Gambino Bronze, Durem Bronze
Apr 2014: Durem Bronze
May 2014: Durem Gold
Oct 2014: Gambino Bronze
Dec 2014: Gambino Bronze
Jan 2015: Gambino Silver
Dec 2016: Durem Bronze
Jan 2017: Durem Gold
Feb 2017: Junk Bronze




I haven't forgotten this place! I will become active on here again in probably two years. If they're still here, I will definitely try to catch up with the friends I made on here, especially from fishing and look forward to making new ones! It's a wonder that my buddies here still haven't deleted me.


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