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Hi there. smilies/icon_surprised.gif This is the part where I get to go on about myself and it's okay, right? Right. So! My name is Lauren, call me Esdella or Vie, whichever you gravitate towards. I'm 24, and I work as a part time sales associate while pondering my true fate on the weekends. I love to read. Manga and romance novels make up my usual diet, but sometimes I'll tackle a classic. I like video games too, but nothing really current. Is that strange? To go along with my retro tastes, I also like 80s music. I regret nothing.

I'm mostly silly, but in the most serious way. I am horribly shy, but want to make friends. I'm a mess, I know.

I'm mostly on at night, it's just the best time for me to hang around. You can catch me in GCD, WG, AF, and a couple other places. I'm trying to start posting regularly again.

Feel free to message me.

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Ami Satomora Report | 04/17/2014 5:55 am
O: thank you :3

The avi was spur of the moment since I wanted to show off these wings emotion_kirakira
ozimyy Report | 04/06/2014 4:06 am
Thanks! I'm still looking for more items to add, but I'm pretty happy with it so far!
momoriffic Report | 03/24/2014 7:33 am
We most certainly would be! The harem was Miss Momo's favourite hang-out! Especially when we all banded together to get something done; that was the most exciting time.

Hee! It's been so long! Miss Momo sees the odd person around as well, but she's always nervous about saying hello - she's not sure people would remember her any more.

And as always, you spoil Miss Momo!! Thank you ever so much for the gifts! You're too sweet! emotion_hug emotion_bigheart
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX Report | 03/24/2014 7:22 am
No, I haven't been to Denmark before, actually... my friend's come over here to visit me a couple of times, and I figured it was time to repay the favour. xD
The problem is mostly getting them signed. = 3= It's hard to find people who meet the criteria.

Yeah. I enjoyed that a lot, quiet lazy times just a few of us. =3 Eww, I hate having someone read over my shoulder as well. I mean, certain people are okay (depending on what I'm posting about), but overall... just jfc, no. No, go away.
And yeah, definitely. You have to get older, but no one ever said you have to grow up, right? ^^

Yeah, you have to be really careful to make sure you're on the same server if you want to play with someone. It can be a pain if you're already signed into a different server.
I'm in the Otami Ruins on this account, on the last boss, but I've been waiting for my friends to get up to the point where they can come help me with it. So... the last original area. Then we want to go do DMS at some point, but I'm a bit uncertain because you absolutely cannot do DMS without a crew and I hate playing with strangers so it feels like I'd have to be sitting around waiting for everyone a lot.
Ooh, no, I haven't seen that. It sounds like it'd be really funny though, I'll have to look it up.

Tee hee. Well, I'll be home at the end of this week which means I'll be seeing her again, so I might. xD I need to ask her for her Skype as well (I've been trying to work up the courage to do that for a while) because she says the reason she just stops talking a lot isn't because she thinks people are boring, it's because she loses track of messages and comments and instant messaging just works much better for her.
And yes. =3 We mama bears are indeed awesome.
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX Report | 03/23/2014 10:01 am
Gosh, no, no summer classes. Summer is for relaxing. I'm not certain that's an option here anyway... certainly I was never told about any summer classes. Hmm...
Actually, I was planning to go visit a friend of mine in Denmark this June, assuming I manage to get my damn passport sorted out. D< My mother lost all the filled-in paperwork I did, so I have to do it again once I get home. For the forth time.

Mm. Even in the GNB, there wasn't MUCH roleplaying going on, though. We used to chat mostly. But yeah, I guess some people do feel that way (not me though xD). And yeah, once your friends are gone... the other place I used to hang out, the Free Hugs thread died a while back. There was a Guild for a while, but I think that died too. It was a terrible shame for me, because some of my best and oldest Gaian friends were on there and they all just seemed to kind of disappear entirely once the thread died.

Yeah, you should, it'd be nice to see some of the old faces around. =3 I started making a few newer friends, mostly through zOMG... I always preferred to solo tbh, but my boyfriend started playing a while back and we used to play together and he seems to have picked up a group of good friends on there that always play together when they're around and I kind of integrated into the group because I'd play with him when we were both online and that meant I'd be playing with them too, which is nice, because at least that way there are some people I know still active on here. xD
I know one of my irl friends has an account too, but I don't know what it is and I'm too awkward to ask her because despite what she says to the contrary I always feel a bit like I annoy her or come off as a creep (she has really low self-esteem, so I'm always telling her she's beautiful and getting angry when people call her names... I'm a bit of a mama bear to my friends xD).
momoriffic Report | 03/23/2014 8:38 am
Aww, thank you Miss Vie! heart You're so good to Miss Momo, even after so long. Miss Momo appreciates you, you know - you are one of the best people she's had the honour of meeting on here, and she's glad to continue to chat with you every now and then. c:
Xx T i g e r L a d y xX Report | 03/22/2014 7:59 am
Yeah, that always happens to me. xD Just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I remember 'Ooh, I need to tell so-and-so that, but then I don't remember until the next time I'm falling asleep.
I'm pretty good. I'm actually at university now! Nearly finished my first year, just got one more week of classes and exams to go. It feels like it's gone fast.

Yeah, I didn't realise when I posted there myself, but it's clearly pretty much dead in the ol' GNB now. Sad times. sad It's been around longer than I have on Gaia and it's always been busy as long as I can remember.
II Majesty II Report | 03/22/2014 1:25 am
Oh man, I know ><
Yesh, I have! biggrin Waiting to see if someone would consider my avatar. emotion_facepalm
II Majesty II Report | 03/22/2014 1:20 am
Great. biggrin Hunting for avatar art. >< Exhausted as well. >< Hard to get an art piece around here..
Green inc. Report | 03/20/2014 9:50 pm
:> Thanks for remembering me~ YEAH I used to post in GCD alot- especially the NPC parodies but life~~~

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