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lookie! I scroll down~
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    Just saving this random Joke...

    now now darling, read this! ★

    me: Bye! 
    BF: Ah, finally, I've waited so long. 
    me: You want me to leave? 
    BF: No. I dare to not even think about it. 
    me: Do you love me? 
    BF: Of course. Lots! 
    me: Have you ever cheated on me? 
    BF: No! Why are you asking me? 
    me: Will you kiss me? 
    BF: Every time I get the chance! 
    me: Will you ever hit me? 
    BF: Are you crazy? Of course not! 
    me: Can I trust you? 
    BF: Yes. 
    me: Darling 

    Now... read this backward!

    this is my one and only dream avatar...
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    NOTE: feel free to donate anything you don't want, I love donations from everyone <3

    Help me with some quests?... for my dream avi?

    Items I still need:
    Sainte Ciel: Agape any gen (OMG?? one more item!! )

    I am a GIVER *cough cough* um maybe, sometime. I like listening to music, especially funny one that will make me laugh afterward when i sing it to someone. My favorite color is red. Oh and, do you have any ideas what are my favorite words? it is " Baka " and " idiot " ! FYI, in my definition they both mean: stupid, fool, dumb, and awesome. smilies/icon_rofl.gif Oh BTW, I DON'T accept random friend request, we have to talked to each other first then we can be friends. I love cherry, enough to make a cherry avi out of it, enough to have a LOT of arts of cherry avi! emotion_smilies/icon_yatta.gif I said things that is on my mind, which is bad.

    I described myself as " Awesome Weirdo " and " Lil Devil " because i am weird and can be a devil at the same time. <3

    well, that's all you should know about me! want some cookies? *hand cookie to you* Is it good? I hope it is.

    oh by the way, the cookie is poison!!! O.O AHHHH!!! oh yeah, I forgot to said one thing ...

    you are my
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    sorry buddies, i scroll back up. c:
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I Love you!