Me! ( You might want shield your eyes because they might burn because of my fabulousness )

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Birthday: 03/26

A stalker's best friend~

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The info about the beautiful, awesome, rude, nerdy, dorky, and Fanfiction loving me!

My name is ERROR, or just Error, or error. Doesn't matter how you type it, just make sure it spells error.

Likes: Food, water, dogs, cats, most mammels and most creatures, anime, DC, Marvel, funny people, comfy clothes, boots and converses, Harley Quinn ( from Batman TAS ), Deadpool, Raven from Teen Titans ( Not Teen titans Go! ), Red X from teen titans, puns MUHAHAHAH, awesomeness, skiing, tea ( Yum ), Etsy, Wolverine ( Yum ), Rogue, Remy/Gambit ( mm mm mm ), Sheldon Cooper, and other things/people.

Dislikes: mustard, cheaters, movies that don't live up to the character I like, honey, jerks, bullies, asswads, racists, pfft, I can't remember anymore ( even though I have more. )

I am a proud Platinum Donator of The Gaia Wish foundation



Purple Because Aliens Don't wear Hats