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I'm not around much anymore. I do tend to check my PM's from time-to-time.

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Come back and visit NY sometime. Tho the city is quite lovely too. But you are from Vegas now tho so I'm sure it ain't too special... xp

Traveling is always amazing. Great to explore new areas. And new food. And take in sights and all that jazz.
What'd you go to Miami for? surprised

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You def used to webcam a bunch of selfies. I remember. But any pics work I guess. lol

And that's awesome! So glad to hear that you are doing well. 3nodding
You deserve it, so keep it up.

You really enjoy it or plan on switching careers in the future?

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That's a bummer. As long as you are happy though that is all that matters. 3nodding

Oh really? Gym? Healthy? You? eek Send me a pic I haven't seen you in forever! lol
Kinda funny, I'm a bit of a gym junkie now. Actually just started studying a few weeks ago to take the test to get a personal trainer certification. whee

Sounds nice. Like you are loud and in charge~ :3 Do you do any of the actually labor or just take all the calls and look pretty?
Management is good, and you can always switch companies too. Hopefully what I will be doing more of in my next job. 3nodding

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Lol sure you will. xp

Oh rly? Last I knew you were thinking about it a couple years ago since the mortgage on a house out there is about the same as rent. Pretty much the same here. Looking to get a duplex n live in half n rent out the other half. Hard to find one i like. U.u

Assistant manager at a very cute bakery. Means I get to taste test a lot. emotion_dowant

What about you ?

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When your memory goes people will try to explain to you that it was you in the pictures. lol
& by then you'll be an old man and be all... I was never this good looking. emotion_eyebrow

Been good for the most part. Life has been pretty busy, for sure. Major changes to say the least.
In the process of house hunting right now and probably gonna be hunting for another job once the new year starts. whee

How has everything been for you?

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Sounds like a moment you will remember all your life. Just priceless. heart

Like I said random. lol first dream I had with you in it in a very long time. Guess sometimes there are just people that stick with you.

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Giant giraffe stuffed animal outside a cutesy shop. Then when I got home 300 was on and screaming about Sparta. And then that night i had a dream and you were in it and I think I lol'd for about 10 min cuz I thought you totally woulda rode a giraffe into war screaming random obscenities. Put me in a great mood all day. lol

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Hey loserface. Saw something today that randomly reminded me of you. Hope all is well with you in Vegas~ heart
Hot MiIk

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Hot MiIk

Oh woops, sorry.
Accepted. ♥
Hot MiIk

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Hot MiIk

I guess I do remember a lot about you. Aha.
Well, take it or leave it, I remember all the people on here who left some sort of impression on me.
You just happen to be one of them. ♥

Exactly, I'm working really hard on myself right now. I don't want to depend on anyone else.
I think that I've always been more myself with my online friends, more outspoken and whatnot, trying to carry that over into the reals.
That way the people in my life will be more attuned to my full personality.

Mkay. ♥ lol


And I swore I'd give you the key to my most tiniest locket
where I store my most deviest secrets you can find in most pockets