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Lucyfeer on 10/18/2017

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Le Erotic Fox shop rules:

-business is business [my profit > your wants.]
-be polite
-I tend to throw in something extra.*
-be reasonable when asking for a lower price

*repeating customers qualify only **
**must request to be on the list

This fox will:
-only reply to pms if the person has basic manners.
-accept offers that can be mixed, i.e. gold + items

This fox will not:
-accept Supreme low balls.
-reply to bishes that demand things to go their way.

tend to only last 1 day or less, so grab them.

usually for sale items, so good luck.

Thanks for purchasing/visiting!!
With love,


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Osu! *waves*

Welcome stalker of mine!
To my oasis.

Feel free to stay for the music.
Leave all drama at the door and just relax.

Be warned: I tend to be VERY moody.

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