Nickname: Eri
Age: 25
Gender: Female (don't let your brain explode)

I'm a college graduate holding a bachelor's degree in Anthropology. I hope one day to become an archaeologist, but at the moment I am working in customer service for a very popular website (just try and figure out which one smilies/icon_razz.gif ).

I got engaged in 2010 to the love of my life, and we will be married on July 27th, 2013. Leave it to me to fall in love with a man from another country, lol. I've decided that love is one of the most difficult emotions one can endure, and it seems like life will find a way to make it as complicated as possible... trust me... I know.

I am a former race car driver... had to quit due to other expenses arising... not a cheap sport in the least @_@. In my free time now I roleplay, hang out with friends, and relax in general.

I'm currently in the middle of a massive "project" of sorts >.> my mission is to watch every single episode of Star Trek (TNG, Voyager & Deep Space 9), so far I've finished TNG, and I'm about half way through Voyager... yes I'm a nerd XD, but hey, it's entertaining and helps me relax after a stress filled day.

I'm the happy owner/mother of two wonderful Cats... okay so wonderful is a relative term... it's not my fault one of them is a demonic spawn of satan, I love him anyway! His name is Phantom, named after the Phantom of the Opera because of the little white half mask on his face. My other cat is a female, and she's gorgeous, her name is Maya, and she is originally from the country of Belize. I found her on an archaeological site I was studying at during one of my field schools in college and she grew attached to me right away. She followed me around the dig site and snuggled up with me during lunch breaks. I couldn't bear to leave her behind... so $1,000 and rearranged airline tickets later.. she was home with me.

Favorite Food: Chocolate @_@ *drool*
Theme song: Right here Waiting by Richard Marx


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emotion_hug emotion_bigheart

GOOD LUCK! heart

I hope you are doing well; I miss you but I know you're kinda a little busy. <3

I'm sending tons of love and happies your way. heart

I can't wait to hear what she's like. emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart

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*SQUEALS!* heart

I just looked over the updates in your journal and OHMYGOODNESS. heart


I might have teared up but don't tell anyone. >.> I have a reputation to maintain. :3

But, no- seriously, she sounds awesome and I don't think I've ever 'heard' you more excited. I'm thrilled for you. heart I can't believe it's been that long. @.@ HOLYEFFINGMOLY. heart

emotion_hug It's beyond nice to see you happy and excited; you're going to be the best mommy ever. n.n That's one lucky kid. heart She's gonna hear the BEST bedtime stories! @.@ heart

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...And now I'm sitting here crying into my sushi. T.T heart



Report | 12/27/2014 7:34 pm


Thank you so much for the Crimas pressie! emotion_kirakira

I LOVE IT. heart Working on an avatar with it now. <3 You are the best. n.n heart I might have teared up when I read the message but don't tell anyone. I has a reputation to maintain. cat_ninja

I hope your holidays are/were good and that you are having a nice end of 2014. Your statuses have me excited for you! o.o heart

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...Wow, I just read back over that comment and I can't help but think had I tried to come across as A.D.D. on purpose I could not have done as good a job as I actually did. xD

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I hope you are feeling better. cat_gonk I saw your status about your being sick; whatever it was I hope you are feeling better from it by now. t.t

I hope all is well with you and your husband, other than the sicky part. emotion_hug Is he digging his new job? I hope he is. Though I guess at this point it's not really so new. xD But I hope he is digging it. n.n Your comment was super sweet. You always make me smile. n.n Eri's sweet. heart Thank you for the kind words and for the Mulan link! THAT was exactly what I was going for! You caught it! cat_rofl heart That made me laugh so much. xD

I hope all is well with you two and that you get to feeling better soon, if you have not already. heart I am sorry for being so slow in replying (once again emotion_facepalm ); I managed to get a second job (which I love, it's just been taking up a lot of time) but what's been causing the time leak is the FIRST job. *Twitch* We lost a person so I've soaked up their hours on top of mine and it's just caused me to slow down all across the board. I feel horrible for always making you wait; I wanted you to know what was up. I am FINALLY putting myself on some kind of schedule so hopefully soon I won't be such a zombie. t.t

Lemme know how you guys are whenever you can and have the time/energy. n.n SENDING HAPPIES YOUR WAY! heart Take care of yourselves. It's almost Halloween! @.@ heart

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That's amazing that she was twenty-one years old. I am sorry she was not doing well. I completely get what you mean by not wanting them to be in pain. It's just hard to say goodbye, even when it is needed. If it weren't for my online friends and Andrew (the husband unit) I would have lost my mind after Candle went home. That wrecked me. I know it was being greedy and I am so thankful she's not suffering anymore but it's hard to have a sweet little bundle for nearly half of your life and then...not anymore.

I hope things are better with you. I hope your husband unit is feeling better. emotion_hug It sounds corny as ******** all I am sure but I think of you all the time and try to send as much happies your way as possible. I want things to continue to get better for you two.

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I saw your status. >.< I am so sorry. >.< I hope you are as okay as you can be.

Report | 07/05/2014 1:30 am


I think it is fair to say I freaked out. emotion_facepalm I might have cursed loudly and with fervor and came damn near close to tears, too. It wouldn't have been so bad if I had at least gotten a good idea what was there. But I didn't skim before I hit the damn button and since I was hopped up on melatonin and had the reflexes of a doped turtle it took a few good seconds to realize what I had done. I was not a happy camper when the light finally came on. emotion_donotwant

I was afraid I had lost your replies. >.< I am so sorry. >.< I would love if you could resend them; again, I am so sorry I have been so dopey lately. >.< Thank you for putting up with me all these years. You've the patience of a saint. emotion_drool heart

I am grateful you know that I've never forgotten you. n.n heart Did you know that you are the person that has stuck with me/put up with me the longest? xD Our RPs are the oldest I have that have survived all these years! I treasure them and that's one reason I freaked when I realized what I had done. I hate making you have to wait. >.<

Your comment makes me happy. heart Still heart Eri, even after all these years. n.n <3

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I was worried about you because it had been so long and I was a tad bit M.I.A. from Gaia for a few weeks. cat_sweatdrop Again. emotion_facepalm I have managed, in the past two months, to accidentally clear my entire inbox in one go and I panicked because I realized you might have replied to the RPs...Only to have me do something incredibly effing stupid and frustrating. >.< I have GOT to stop trying to operate Gaia while on melatonin. >.< I texted you to let you know I missed you, was not dead, an was not ignoring you but I had borked my inbox like a moron. emotion_drool

I am sorry for the streak of bad luck you have had. I wish there was something I could do to help. I had no idea it had gotten to be that big of a clusterfrack. I am so sorry. It pleases me to hear that things are starting to look up, though. A raise is awesome, go you! *High fives* That is excellent. n.n I hope you and your husband are doing well, despite the...mess. Hopefully now that the bad stuff has happened it will clear the way for a wave of good things to come your way! You deserve it. *Huggles*