"cb's last hope"
hella ereri
xbox live: erennjaegerr


I go to conventions!
Look for these cosplays, they might be me!

-Ponyville CiderFest - Dashfag Jean
-Daisho Con - Levi
-Anime Milwaukee - Joe the Cat (RT), Levi
-Anime Central - Marco Bodt

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erenn jaegerr
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>>im actually eren jaeger not kidding<<

>>add a comment here<<

>>click for feels<<

>>the tumbles (◡‿◡✿)<<

>>twitter @cobralicious<<


>>world of text<<

>>Wanna RP? List of what I will do here!<<

skype: buhbuhbuhbasscannon (pls add me on skype i need more people to talk to)

>milwaukee, regular anime milwaukee-goer.
>likes espurr more than he should
>twilight is his favorite pony
>purple and pink are his favorite colors
>openly gay and adorable
>likes speedkore and drumcore even though no one else knows about them
>favorite shows are supernatural, mlp, and dude that's my ghost
>likes shingeki no kyojin and black butler
>plays pokemon, animal crossing, and skyrim
>he is always free, so ask him anything else if you want to know more