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Birthday: 04/05

maybe about me

tl:dr,, i'm 18, canadian, and i suck at replying

i'm erro, i really like people and animals are cool, i make furry art and i'm trying to spend more time on this site. i have the sweetest boyfriend and his butt is cute, he also hogs blankets when we sleep and it makes me cry more than when he tells me to stop touching his butt. i have three old cats and i really really like food and sweets, i have a personality disorder and i can't keep a consistent memory. i also like gore, zombies, pokemon, video games, and a bunch of other things i could put here but nobody will read it, but hello anyways!

my instagram is errosempai
my furaffinity is errosempai
i have kik, skype, and discord
but you gotta befriend me first!


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Not Huntersolid Report | 08/22/2017 5:42 pm
Not Huntersolid
You are a wonderful person.
MicroDotz Report | 07/19/2017 9:13 am
hi ol friend c:!
Flynn Cocco Report | 07/16/2017 1:35 pm
Flynn Cocco
hope you enjoy your Rosamund's Corruption smile
lol hipsturd Report | 07/15/2017 10:53 pm
lol hipsturd
luvs u
lol hipsturd Report | 07/07/2017 8:57 pm
lol hipsturd
u gotta get away from me
ur cute trouble cry
lol hipsturd Report | 07/07/2017 3:00 pm
lol hipsturd
stop making me think ur cute cry
Not Huntersolid Report | 06/21/2017 11:05 am
Not Huntersolid
MESSAGES YOU. Touch my butt
Dommer4kill DX Report | 06/16/2017 8:36 pm
Dommer4kill DX
I'd say just about everyone on here probably has their fair share of kinks. You've probably figured out one of them by now thanks to myself talking.
But if I had to guess what yours is off your avi, are you a furry?
Dommer4kill DX Report | 06/16/2017 8:26 pm
Dommer4kill DX
Yeah, I- mmm...
If I knew someone attractive was gonna go and call me attractive I probably wouldn't have asked around about such a thing.
Dommer4kill DX Report | 06/16/2017 8:08 pm
Dommer4kill DX
I've never really thought I was all that but I'm glad you like it I guess! mrgreen
You, uhh, didn't happen to happen across my face on my most recent forum about a rather unclean activity, did you? . 3.