I LIKE a look of agony,
Because I know it ’s true;
Men do not sham convulsion,
Nor simulate a throe.

The eyes glaze once, and that is death.
Impossible to feign
The beads upon the forehead
By homely anguish strung.

look at that, poetry by Emily Dicksinon
doesn't that make me seem so deep


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I think it’s very pleasing to the eye

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I like your avi

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You should!
That avatar was lovely emotion_drool

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Yes i twinned you. This is my new twist to my twinning smile heart
i wish pokemon was real

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i wish pokemon was real

omggg dude that would be so nice !! ;o;
but no rush for any contributions; i'm nano-ing hardcore this month (planning on trying to write at least 20k words !! ), so i probably won't have time to organize this contest until next month.
i'm also kind of worried people's euphoria about monsters burnt out over halloween haha so that's also why i'm pushing it back a few weeks.
Kaiser Sigma

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Kaiser Sigma

Your avatar is awesome.
i wish pokemon was real

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i wish pokemon was real

yah, it's one of those pitfalls new writers often fall into. where they post their work online to get feedback, then find out later on down the road it's harder to get published.
nah, i always wanted to be a published author but then i was like...... efffortttt xD
it's very difficult to break through into the publishing world. OTL none of my work so far i felt merited being published anyway.
also u reminded me i need to make an ATmon avi contest haha
i'm still saving up the funds for it, but i think in a week or two i might be able to manage it.
do you think a 50B prize would be enough to draw people in, idkk ??
i wish pokemon was real

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i wish pokemon was real

eh, me too tbh. xD i was s**t at it in high school but then kept trying bc i wanted to be a success story ;o; then i ended up majoring in it bc it got wayyy more fun when i got into calculus.

and my current WIP story is still way under wraps bc i'm not sure if i'll want to publish it or not when i'm done. D; and from what i've heard if you post any of a manuscript online, it can cause huge complications when trying to submit it to traditional publishers.

but this is some RP i was in a month ago lol, so you can see some of my recent-ish writing here:
i wish pokemon was real

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i wish pokemon was real

yess i luv math
every kind of math !!! xD
i never talk about it tho
bc avis are like the one place i can be a complete math geek and no one will know emo
sadly tho i haven't been doing as much math lately bc i've shifted my focus to writing and i think that's why my interest in avis kinda waned :C
i feel bad about it bc so many of my friends on here like avis and i worry like if i stopped making them our friendship might also suffer or smthing even tho i know that's dumb to think QQ
and idk why i didn't expect your inspiration to be art
it looks so much like an art style
emotion_kirakira almost like metalwork
Krye Wolfe

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Krye Wolfe