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About Eppy;

♥Name; Call me Lucie xD or Eppy-Chan, or Eppy.
♥Age; 14
♥Status; Taken yo' I love her to pieces too
♥Birfday; April 29th
♥Favorite Colour; Red or Pink xD
♥Illnesses; Epileptic [Yuss, I am rly epileptic o_O]
♥Favorite food; Ramen or Subway xD
♥Eye Colour; Green a majority of the time now, sometimes their two different colours :3
♥Role-Model; Tyra :] I ♥ herrr
♥Dream Job; Artist or Lawyer x]
♥Favorite Class; Hmm.. I really like Math :3 |2x + 5| < 3 FTW <333

I dress upper-class in a lower-class system,
I'm a lesbian, but that doesn't change who I trully am,
Does it?
I love Forever21, Hair accessories, Bunnies, The terms "Seme" and "Uke"
I have a myspace and what can I say;;;
I'm addicted.

I love Rhia with an effing passion
Did I mention I'm taken?
I dance to whatever beat that goes to my drummer's tune.
My I.Q. is 147~
Because I'm a dumb a**.
I play DDR.
I Eat Ramen.
I Watch Naruto/Shippuden, Strawberry Panic!, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Pokemon (Because it's cute :]), Revolutionary Girl Utena, and read Cowboy Bebop Comics a lot~
I tend to have low self-esteem, and feel socially retarded.
It's self-degradation, that little voice is me who tells me I've failed at everything I've tried.
I cry a lot.
I like fighting and talking.

People who try to make me miserable end up seeing what little girls can do.
I'm 5'7''.
I have dreams I want to accomplish, and people who hold me back aren't worth being around.

I hate being the last and the first.
I'm the oldest.

My biggest pet peeve is when people have food or other miscellaneous items around their mouth and nose.

I want a wedding with another girl, I want my partner to be with me forever and ever.

I feel miserable knowing my baby is upset.

I like ******** with the system

I feel fat all the time~

-----> Picher of Eppy-Chan.

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Oh fux, their goes my pencil head D:

You're gonna find my artzu in this. Don't like? Don't look.



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Report | 05/16/2008 3:23 pm


Rhythm Section Want Ad

Report | 04/04/2007 9:48 pm

Rhythm Section Want Ad

Where did teh Darrin' Cracklack go?
Marina and the Demons

Report | 04/01/2007 5:05 am

Marina and the Demons

You seem enlightening.

>>randomm<< ;B
Ayumi Himekawa

Report | 03/21/2007 6:27 pm

Ayumi Himekawa

; 3;

:: ▼ ::

Report | 03/21/2007 5:18 pm


We were once broken...

I leave-eth you a comment whee Neko has struck again!!! *Poof* :Ninja:

But now we are fixed in our world of Evolution....

Report | 03/16/2007 5:43 pm


*gasp* OMG OMG YAYY!!! My tablet's pen pressure thing works fine now!!!!

I can't thank you enough for the link!!! ^-^

lol.. I'm soo happy the pen pressure FINALLY works.. =D
Pants Cancer

Report | 03/15/2007 8:16 am

Pants Cancer

I'd bet mah moneez yous both sexy bitches. Rawr~ x)

Is she having trouble with the friend department? I'll send them a memo after lunch. Are you going to the sexual awareness meeting? They have free donuts and coffee. Ooooh. n-n

I knows, my 'graph sells millunz on E-bayz, but it takes me a whole four seconds to write it out. I just don't have time!

Report | 03/13/2007 2:12 pm


Nonoman. YOUUUR voice is the cutest. <333
And you sing well too! x3 Really made me comfy to sleep.<3
That Potter Boy

Report | 03/12/2007 10:19 am

That Potter Boy

I knew you wouldnt take it personally. biggrin
Pants Cancer

Report | 03/10/2007 5:52 am

Pants Cancer

Ho s**t! It's the adorable girlfriend! -pat pat- Yes, I am kick a**. No autographs, plz. D:


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