Salutations to all, or something like that.
Username: Epic_Loner_Boner
Called: Jenn or Krystalize
Age: 15
Been Here Since: 2008
Family Member(s): G O N G Y O N G (Older Sister, Mother, Father), Tenari Senbo (Husband)
Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic
Occupation: High School Student
Gaia Occupation: Traditional and Digital Artist [Check Sig]
Relationship Status: Taken
Likes: I like role-playing and browsing through tumblr. I'm a complete yaoi fan and I tend to write stories a lot. I love anime and cosplaying, kpop and kdrama. I love coffee and tea, Asian food and fruit, Trig and algebra, doodling and drawing. I love the thought of traveling and exploring places and I love the thought of marrying my boyfriend... Yeah.
Dislikes: I dislike bullying and cyber bullying, I personally am a victim of bullying, so there's a reason for disliking it. I dislike bugs and annoying people, nosy people and weeaboos. I dislike grudges and betrayal. I dislike my brother and my life.


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