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Nothing much will be on this journal. Maybe just some things that I plan to do on Gaia, but I don't log on here often, so it's not really something all that important. If I get bored, I might ramble about nothing or write short stories, haha.



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Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 4:08 pm
haha you can pm me sure redface
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 4:02 pm
yeah it is
its a lot of understanding concepts rather than formulas and stuff

well when u first start with financial accounting u learn the basics like what assets, liabilities and equity accounts are and how they function
then you get a taste of the accounting cycle and preparing financial statements

managerial accounting, you focus more on different techniques of evaluating ur business

intermediate 1 was just a refreshing and in-depth version of financial
u gotta know how to do ratio analysis and be able to find the data and interpret them
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:55 pm
ohhh pshhh thanks!

haha but a nursing degree is pretty solid too so you're fine!
hopefully you're still feeling good about it haha

its pretty challenging of course as any major but rewarding
especially when u get a problem right cause i swear it takes forever to do hw assignments
average of 3-4 hours makes me mad classified_fu

i'm taking intermediate accounting 2 and cost accounting this sem
supposedly tons of people have said intermediate 2 was the toughest they've taken so I'm trying to make sure i get that class down
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:41 pm
oh wow prettyy awesome, good luck!
pursuing a bbaa aka accounting degree heh
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:34 pm
oh my a nursing major then
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:31 pm
what is it u gotta study for
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:30 pm
no better way to avoid studying by being on the gaia online cool
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:22 pm
oh ur welcome good thang
whats up surprised
Huggertaker Report | 01/25/2015 3:19 pm
oh yes u a qt emotion_kirakira
non-sexual content Report | 12/26/2014 11:15 am
non-sexual content
hey f**, text me sometime <3

"The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry."

The reason the world is not at peace is because you believe it will not be at peace. smilies/icon_smile.gif