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Rei the Raven Report | 11/08/2014 8:45 am
Rei the Raven
*bows slightly* You're welcome~<3 HEEL! *the bubblewrap turns to foam and reforms as a semilarge bird* That may have been the funniest thing I'd ever seen.
Rei the Raven Report | 11/07/2014 2:42 pm
Rei the Raven
*laughs hysterically* You JUST noticed the bubble wrap? It's been there for WEEKS!
AnthonyCronus Report | 10/21/2014 12:58 pm
noot! :3nod
ouran high rocks Report | 10/14/2014 1:58 pm
ouran high rocks
np lol
ouran high rocks Report | 10/14/2014 1:44 pm
ouran high rocks
xD your funny I like you biggrin
ouran high rocks Report | 10/14/2014 11:44 am
ouran high rocks
you happened to be in suggested friends so I figured why not maybe I'll get a new rp buddie lol xd 3nodding
Sebbie The demon Butler Report | 06/04/2014 9:44 pm
Sebbie The demon Butler
Hmm. Interesting. I see-- *He is pounced on suddenly* *He catches the other, a little confused*
Sebbie The demon Butler Report | 06/04/2014 8:57 pm
Sebbie The demon Butler
*The demon look at the new comer* Well, you are a very interesting one aren't you? *He says, smirking a little and tilting his head a little to the side* Greeting me with the words openly of torturing me is different for how others greet me, but since you are half Spanish demon as you have said, well, it appears we almost have something devilishly close in common. *He tilts his head t the other side, still observing the other curiously* But I must ask. Since you are a feline, how do you get around? All of the cats I have ever observed to be, well, on all fours. Not that I have a problem with cats, as they are intriguing animals to me, but it confuses me you see.
Old Man Rome Report | 06/01/2014 9:45 pm
Old Man Rome
Yes ! Sorry >.< i have been so busy i havent had time to reply to my pm's crying
Lupine Duchess Report | 08/07/2013 6:08 pm
Lupine Duchess
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought I'd wish you one and see how you were doing.

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