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HI!!Im Joanne. My favorite color is green. I love to draw even though I suck at it. My favorite thing is ICECREAM. I love to listen to rock and techno trance. I love all my crazy buddies. Watching cartoons is the best. Also im always bored :[...
Want: Grizzly Hoodie
DoNaTeRs are loved forever
Sweety pie89

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Gratisfaction Report | 02/22/2010 5:00 pm
Thanks. I like yours two!
enyabv10 Report | 01/03/2010 5:56 pm
Hey!!! everyone it been a while since my last login >.<
JoJoNot Report | 09/23/2009 5:50 pm
Thanks smile
I heart your profile (as always).
goodsister_badsister Report | 08/31/2009 10:51 pm
what ?
goodsister_badsister Report | 08/21/2009 10:51 am
uhm, mine starts next monday! Dx
goodsister_badsister Report | 08/16/2009 12:36 pm
Dx that sucks!
i hate uniforms, at my old school i used to have to wear them :[
when does your school start?
goodsister_badsister Report | 08/13/2009 2:14 pm
same heree.
schools almost startinggg!
JoJoNot Report | 08/12/2009 2:52 pm
nope, my county starts a month earlier sad
But we also get out a month earlier, so... smile
JoJoNot Report | 08/12/2009 2:46 pm
Just started school XP
JoJoNot Report | 08/11/2009 12:51 pm
Holy crap.
Portugal? That sounds so cool.







profile to be fixed : ]