linkpark lost in the echo vs celldweller ghost feat tomsalta Zwie.R.Z remix


envy and the miscriants

artist bio and discology
name: magnolia "envy"
age: 16
species: koala
hair: originally long brown but tends to be two toned of any color.
current colors would be red with white bangs or black hair with green streaks
eye color: grey but wears colored contacts to make them red
body type: (will get to this soon )

clothing choice:
gothic punk.
tends to be on the revealing side mostly on her stomach legs and sometimes chest

for those who know her she is kind friendly and fun loving
for those who see her on the street and talk to her she is a rebel hates alot of things and tends to seem to be very bitchy and withdrawn from society
on stage to her fans she is huge anti governmental rebel that would join a resistance in a heart beat to take it down.

she is also part of an all girl punk band called miscriants.. thier style is gothic rock punk nu metal and tends to dabble in club rock fusion (live remix of a song while singing over it with the band vs dj set up )

mother: no info
father: no info

foster parents turned adoptive parents
mother: ren
father: keito
brother: octus ( also ex crush before she was adopted )