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This is where i sell things i dont want anymore, feel free to browse or just simply buy it.

If im nice enough you may ask for a lower price, but it is hardly ever but you might be lucky.

The items now never impress me anymore like they use to, Gaia is not the same as it was before...

Anyway, happy buying!


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Im a 25 year oldbag
Enjoys games
Really looking forward to zOMG's return
Likes music & Badminton
Generous at times
From the past
Shy at times
Trust issues
Overall a really kind person to be with or talk to
Likes the nature
Tom Hiddleston
I enjoy star gazing
Trophy hunter addict
I love Ark Survival Evolved to the very bottom of my heart
I has Steam & PS4
Likes antiques & cute stuff
Cakes and deserts are yumyum
Sunbed or tanning

You are creepy..

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When in doubt camp it out