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Lusoric A Mecha Report | 11/28/2008 3:56 pm
Lusoric A Mecha
whats up man?
Scheris1234 Report | 09/28/2008 6:28 am
look enrique I'm your new friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shadowwingzero Report | 05/30/2008 11:21 pm
Ha Ha!Enrique, I finally got the heartbreaker jacket, the okami armor, and more transactions sold in ONE day then you did for 2 weeks!
P.S. the jigsaw puzzles are fun too....

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Enrique Death
Lusoric A Mecha
Gryphon Queen I

I totally pown

what is your wish master enrique your loyal ninja stands ready

Yeah I'm totally a Demoness

Come forth my loyal ninja servants our prey awaits

Hello Charice

Check out one of my best freerider 2 levels:
-18 1i 18 1i,15 1i 1t 1t 2i 2j 32 3c 3f 48 3p 58 46 6h 4h 7q 4v 98 5e aq 5s c4 6a dg 6q eu 7a gc 7r hs 8c jd 8t kv 9p mi b5 o6 cn pg eb qb g2 qf hr q3 jj pi lb op n2 nr oh mm pq le qr k1 rd il,174 ci 17b d9 17f dv 17m en 17s fm 184 gk 18g hm 192 ii 19o j7 1an jh 1c3 jl 1db jh 1ec iv 1f7 ia 1g1 hg 1gl go,1gk gp 1h4 ga 1hh fr 1i2 fh 1im fj,1hp aq 1if at 1jd ao 1kc ap 1l1 bf 1lg c9 1m0 d8 1mi ee 1mp fk 1mi gp 1lv hm 1l0 ih 1jr jh 1ir kc 1ht l2 1h0 lk 1g4 m4 1f5 mh 1e9 mm 1d2 mr 1bs n0 1ao n3 19q n4 18v n1 186 mr 17f mh 16g md 15h me 14t mt 14p nm 14t oa 15h og 15r nv,16a j3 15g jd,15g jd 14o k3 144 kv 13d m1 12n n7 12f og 12p pg 13c qc 147 r0 153 ra 15t re 16l rh 17p rl 192 rs 1ac s0 1bq rn 1d6 r8 1e9 r0 1fa r4 1g1 rj 1gg s7,1fe nf 1g9 nv 1h3 ol 1hl pf 1i9 qf 1in rd 1is sf 1iq th 1ip um,1d6 v8 1e3 102 1f2 10i,1ic 10i 1j7 102 1k0 vh 1ko us,1f2 10k 1gc 1hi,1ib 10j 1hd 1md,1he 1mc 1gv 1ms 1g0 1mu 1eu 1mo 1du 1m8 1cs 1ld 1c3 1k9 1be 1j3 1at 1hu 1af 1gl 1a7 1f7 1a0 1dr 19l 1ca 198 1al 18o 18u 18d 178 186 15o 180 14k 17p 13g,14p ri 15l rr 16g s5 17b sf 185 sn 18u sq 19j so 1a7 tl,-2d -2hi qs -2hh##S 2a -2a0,S 1p -2a2,S 3d -2a4,S 4e -29v,S 5b -29v,S ee -29q,S hi -29j,S ha -29g,S go -29e,S fm -29l,S f2 -29l,S dq -29r,S d5 -29q,S cp -29q,S bt -29q,S be -29r,S aq -29r,S a4 -29t,S 9o -29r,S 9o -29r,S 8n -29v,S 6m -2a0,S 86 -29v,S 62 -29v,S 4t -29v,S 3s -2a2,S 2u -2a2,S 1t -29v,S 15 -29v,S q -29v,S 7 -2a0,O gs -2hj,O g1 -2hj,O g3 -2hc,O hv -2hf,O hh -2hc,O h6 -2hf,O fg -2hh,O eu -2hf,O ec -2hh,O e5 -2hh,O d2 -2hh,O c6 -2hh,O bq -2hk,O b9 -2hj,O ap -2hk,O an -2hk,O 9r -2hj,O 9h -2hj,O 8j -2hj,O 8f -2hk,O 7m -2hj,O 90 -2hm,O 8k -2hm,O 7h -2hf,O 5n -2hf,O 5n -2hf,O 50 -2ha,O 7e -2hc,O 74 -2hc,O 6l -2hc,O 69 -2hc,O 4n -2hj,O 43 -2hj,O 3h -2hh,O 30 -2hh,O 2v -2hh,O 29 -2hj,O 1q -2hk,O 1o -2hj,O p -2hf,O i -2hf,O f -2hf,O -4 -2hf,S 7c -2a1,B 88 a7 53,O 15i dq,O 15i dm,O 15u dj,O 16v d9,O 16s d9,O 16n d9,O 16l dc,O 16l db,O 168 dj,O 161 dj,O 15p dq,O 163 dm,O 15s dj,O 157 dt,O 14c ef,O 14c ef,O 14c ef,O 14o e9,O 157 e7,O 13v ek,O 13r em,O 13o em,O 13b ep,O 132 f3,O 12o f5,O 12b fa,O 128 fd,O 11v fm,O 11l fu,O 11f g1,O 116 g3,O 10u g8,O 10n gb,O 10f gg,O 10f gg,O 105 gu,O vm h3,O vk h8,O va hd,O uv hg,B 1a3 1c6 at,B 1gn 1m1 8s,B 1bl 1hv ap,G 1ap 1f0 ak,G 1cs 1kk ah,T 18l 12e,T 18m 12i,T 194 12j,T 194 12j,T 199 12j,T 18h 12q,T 181 12t,T 17l 12l,T 17i 12b,T 17j 12b,T 17s 128,T 17v 128,T 189 12d,T 18o 124,T 18r 123,T 18l 121,T 186 121,T 17n 11q,T 17g 11q,T 17e 11g,T 17g 11g,T 187 11l,T 18h 11l,T 18m 11d,T 18m 118,T 18j 118,T 186 11b,T 17v 11a,T 17n 118,G 1hi q8 5j,G 1d9 rj 3r,G 1l3 r6 71,G 1ci tm 36,G 1ks u3 89,B 1f3 ql 43,B 34 2p 4v

And another
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1h 25 1s 35 27 42 2f 51 2n 6d 2u 81 36 9e 3g au 3r cf 48 e3 4m,fp 55 hg 5l j8 67 l1 6o mr 6t o1 72 ou 76 pf 76,1a4 3o 1bi 2r 1d5 26 1eq 26 1gc 2o 1ht 3d 1jh 3k 1l4 35 1mi 2c 1o6 34 1ph 46 1qp 49 1s0 40 1sp 51 1tr 4s 1uv 5r 20e 5v,24l 73 25d 83,e1 4l ft 56,pg 78 pf 83 pg 8t pg 9j ph a5 ph al qd an rj b0 sk b9 tk as uo ac vp a6 10o a8 11l a6 12l ah,12r 86 12r 90 12r 9o 12r ac,12r aa 12h ao,pg 7b pb 79,q3 78 qq ah,rj 7i qo an,sp 7j tk ap,ud 7j tk an,ve 7l 109 a7,11c 7l 10c a7,q3 7d qj 7g,qg 7j q6 7o qi 7s,qg 7t q9 87 qj 8b qg 8m qj 8r,ql 8t qe 90,qe 8v qn 97,qn 94 qj 9j,qj 9c qs 9k,qt 9j qo 9o,rg 7i r7 7o rb 7q,r9 7s r2 7t r9 8b,r9 8c qv 8g r2 8m r7 8t,r6 8t r0 95,r1 95 r1 9a,r1 9c qq 9p,qq 9q qt a3,sm 7h th 7i,td 7k sr 81 tc 8b,ta 8g su 8i,t0 8k th 8n,td 8n t8 96,ta 98 tm 98,th 99 td 9s,ub 7n tr 7u,tp 7u u1 86,u1 8a td 8n,th 8l u1 8u,ts 8v tk 9j,tk 9l ts 9s,12r 77 12r 8a,1a6 3n 12o 76,vi 7k vn 7q vn 86,vn 88 108 89 vp 8m 10a 8u vs 98 10c 9c 105 9q 10j 9l 10g 93 111 8o 10t 84 11b 7n,25a 83 25u 8g 26k 7t 272 73 27n 68 28p 64 29m 6k 2ad 7e 2b0 88 2bt 88 2cd 7d 2ck 6g 2d4 5o 2e0 63 2em 6r 2f7 7m 2fj 8i 2g4 84 2gc 7i 2h3 6i 2i0 5p 2j2 54 2jr 5r 2k8 6n 2kp 7j 2lf 8d 2ma 7j 2mm 6g 2n0 5g 2nb 4k 2o2 5g 2oq 6j 2pk 7n 2qg 74 2qv 69 2rd 5i 2sc 5o 2sr 6l 2t6 7l,208 60 253 5t,2si 5c 347 -6q,347 -6s 37o -80,37p -80 3ao -6s 3as iq,3bo jh 3cf fr,3cp jf 3db fh,3db fk 3di j5,3di j0 3e4 fm 3ej j2,3h6 -cm 3hn -bo 3i5 -ao 3if -9k 3j1 -8d 3jm -6u 3k0 -5j 3k7 -47 3k1 -2s 3ja -1o 3ih -i 3ht e 3hc 1b 3gs 27 3ge 31 3g2 44 3fo 5a 3fh 68,1qp -1n 201 36,3fg 66 3ek j6,3au in 3ep io,3cd g8 3cq j7#pv 77 pi 77 po 9a pl 9k,pl 9i ps 9n pj ag,pt 9f ps 9k,rk 7m ra aq,sr 7m sp av,ud 7o ut 7m un 98,uo 9a uv 9i ui ad,ss aq sr b3,vb 7m vl a1,11c 7l 11u 7o 11f 97,11h 97 11i 9h,11i 9i 10r ad,11c 9c 11a 9n,ul 9c ul 9m,d4 -7i d2 -10,em -7a eo -12,ct -12 9r -v,aa 2n hv 2d,hj -10 ht 28,f0 -14 hi -v,ga -4i no -56,i6 -17 qr -1v,jf 1d ok p,9v -u ab 2i#B 3be ib 0,B 2m0 6m i,B 22o 5a 2m,G 3d6 i1 0,G 3dr -82 5k,G 3co -7n 5l,B 2t2 3m s,T 3dc cv,T 3cj ct,T 3cj cv,T 3ce df,T 3cg df,T 3d4 d9,T 3dg d2,T 3dq de,T 3dg d9,T 3dg da,T 3cs d5,T 3cq d5,T 3cl df,T 3cj dh,T 3cs dp,T 3d2 dj,T 3dj dc,T 3dl dc,T 3dq dp,T 3dh e5,T 3d4 e3,T 3ct e3,T 3db e5,T 3dc e5,T 3cn e2,T 3cj e3,T 3ci e3,T 3cg e3,T 3cg e3,T 3de du,T 3dr du,B 2ps 73 16,B 2lh 7g u,B 2fi 7q 15,B 2bh 7h v

And another
mu 6b o2 53 p6 3q ql 2o ru 2r sl 3n t3 4m t2 5j t0 6j ss 7j sv 8r t4 a4 tc bj tm d5 tv eh u9 fu uk hd uv it,a 6e 13 7k 20 90 2s a7 3r bd 4r ch 5s dm 6o ee 7q el 91 eo a3 ei bh eb d3 e1 eb dd fe ci gg bl hn an j1 9p,mt 6a j2 9o,uv is va jq vm kq 10k lt 11m mp 12r ni 14h nf 168 n9 17t mn 19k lm 1b5 kd 1cb j3 1da ht,1cj a1 1do ao 1f2 bh 1g0 cc 1gq di 1ha eo 1hn fn 1i0 gq,1i0 gq 1hq i2 1he j7 1gq kh 1ft lp 1en n0 1d3 o2 1bf p0 19q p3 189 p5 16m p8 153 pd 13i pd 12c p9,12c p9 115 p2 100 o9 uo nb tl mh sf ln r6 ku pq ke oi kp nq lo n5 mu mj o9 mb pk me r2 mu se nt th pa tm qc t9 qt s7 qp r5 q0 qm pg r4 q0 rh,p3 hb ns hp mq ib lt j4 lg k4 l5 l8 l2 mf l1 nh l6 on,lb pm ll qn m0 ro mg sp n0 tp nl uh og v3 pl vc qm vf s4 vr tf 10g ut 11c 108 125 11n 12r 137 13a 14o 13p 168 144 17i 145 18q 13r 19t 139 1aq 12p 1bs 127 1d6 11k 1el 110 1ft 10g 1h8 vu 1il va 1k2 uj 1lg tq 1n0 t1 1og s8 1q2 re 1rk qk 1t6 pq,p1 hc tv h2,1vn rg 25r 12p,25s 12s 2dr 13j 2rl 98,2ro 95 2sf 8v 2t9 9a 2tg ae 2tg bf 2th cg 2tj dj 2tk em 2tm fr 2to gv 2tu i6 2u9 jn 2um l1 2v6 mf 2vp nu 30m pg 321 qo 33i rt 355 su 36t tc 38l to 3ag u0 3cc u2 3e3 tc 3fg sd 3gj rb 3hi qa 3ih p6 3jf o1 3k8 n1 3km lv,3km m0 3l4 l5 3lb k7 3lf j4 3l9 i3 3kt h0 3kf fn,l3 om lc pu,-1g -16 -19 -d -19 e -16 18 -13 1t -v 2i -p 3b -e 44 -8 4t -2 5n 4 6c d 6t#3d6 70 3d5 be 3iv bf,3iu 70 3j1 bf,3d5 72 3iq 70,3fh 5q 3f6 6e,3f7 6c 3g5 5t 3h2 69,3go 5j 3gu 64,3fg 5l 3eb 4o 3fe 4q,3go 5e 3hs 4n,3gj 4l 3hr 4n,3fg 5m 3fg 5h,3fc 4o 3g4 3f,3g7 3i 3gc 4i#B 2ej vo t,B no s9 r,T 3fc 93,T 3fc 91,T 3ff 91,T 3ft 98,T 3g5 90,T 3fu 8r,T 3fo 8r,T 3eq 8u,T 3fc 9b,T 3ff 9i,T 3g0 a6,T 3fr a6,T 3fu 9g,T 3fm 96,T 3fe 96,T 3f2 9d,T 3f5 9f,T 3fc 9p,T 3fm 9v,B lk p9 54,T 3fs 9m,T 3fu 9f,T 3fu a8,T 3f6 9k,T 3fd 9a,T 3fu 95,T 3f6 92,T 3f6 92,T 3fp 8t,T 3ep 90,T 3ep 90,B 2gh sh r,B 2di 12d u

heres one more
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1g 1u 1g 2j 1g 3e 1p 4b 2e 52 37 5r 4g 6j 5m 7b 74 85 8l 92 a8 9v bt au dj bv fb d0 h4 e3 iu fj kb h5 ll iq mh ki n2 ma nb o0 n1 pn mf r6 lm sd kg td j6 u8 hr v1 ge,169 et 16q fm 17b ge 181 he 18l if 19c jp 1a3 l0 1b9 lv 1cg mu 1dr nu 1f7 ot 1gq pk 1if qb 1k8 qs 1m3 ra 1o0 rn 1ps s1 1rk s7 1t3 s8 1ub s4 1vl rv,282 to 2me mu,2mf ms 2nm s8,2no oq 2nm s3,2nq oo 2o2 rs,2o4 rv 2ok oo,2oo om 2p2 s4,2p3 s3 2pi ol,2pm oq 2pn sd,2qb mn 349 rc,2q9 mk 2pn sd,2ol om 2oi ot,2ol om 2ol p4,2pi om 2po p0,346 ra 34p rn 35h sc 364 t3 36l tq 373 uj 37g vc 37t 10b 38a 11l 390 132 39n 14b 3ae 15n 3bc 174 3cb 18j 3db 1a3 3ek 1bd 3fs 1co 3h7 1dt 3if 1el 3jh 1f9 3kp 1fc 3m3 1f0 3n0 1eg 3no 1de 3oj 1c7 3p7 1av 3pq 19h 3q8 183 3qj 16k,3s4 23v 4m6 2gq,4m4 2go 4mn 2h3 4nm 2hh 4or 2i3 4q3 2in 4r9 2ja 4sj 2k0 4tv 2kn 4vf 2lg 50n 2m4 51n 2mv 52b 2ns,52u 2ib 53o 2j7 54e 2kb 552 2lf 55j 2mg 567 2nr 56q 2p1 56m 2q9 561 2re 54o 2rt 532 2s6 51h 2s3 505 2s0 4uj 2rs 4t9 2rq 4rq 2rp 4q8 2rn 4oi 2rk 4mr 2ri 4l2 2rg 4j8 2re 4hc 2rd 4fh 2rc 4dk 2rb 4bn 2rb 49q 2rb 47s 2rb 460 2ra 446 2r8 42f 2qq 40o 2q8 3v1 2pk 3tb 2oo 3rl 2np 3q4 2ml 3ok 2ld 3n3 2k5 3li 2iq 3k0 2he 3id 2fv 3h7 2es 3fm 2dc 3e6 2bq 3d1 2ak 3br 29f 3ah 28d 394 27n 378 286 35e 28q 33p 29q 327 2at 30v 2c5 2vq 2dg 2uv 2f3 2u9 2gn 2tm 2ic 2t4 2k2 2si 2lo,29s 2n7 2a1 2o4 2a7 2pb 2af 2qd 2as 2rl 2bd 2ss 2c9 2ua 2d1 2vc 2du 30e 2eu 31k 2fr 32s 2gr 342 2hp 359 2j0 365 2k4 36p 2ld 37b 2mp 37e 2o0 37e 2pa 374 2qf 36o 2rk 365 2so 35c 2u0 34h 2v5 337 309 31n 31c 304 32a 2u8 337 2s9 33s 2qj 34a 2p5,351 2ib 352 2j0 353 2jp 353 2ko 351 2ln 34s 2mo 34n 2nk 34j 2ob 34e 2p1 348 2pk 341 2q3,29q 2n7 29m 2ma 29i 2lh,297 2il 294 2ho 28v 2gj 28n 2fe,34v 2ia 34r 2hc 34k 2g7 34b 2f2 341 2du 33l 2ct 339 2c0 32t 2b4,28m 2ff 28o 2ei 28r 2dc 294 2c4 29i 2b1 2ab 29s,29g 2lh 28n 2m4 281 2mo 274 2ni 265 2ob 257 2p4 244 2q9 234 2rc 224 2sg 213 2tn 201 2v0 1uv 30a 1tq 31j 1sh 32q 1r6 33u 1po 34s 1oc 35k 1n6 362 1lt 36d 1kt 36h 1jh 36k 1i0 36q 1gn 375 1ff 37o 1ef 38m 1dr 39m,1ec 35v 1dr 36u 1dd 37t 1d2 395,1d2 3ac 1dk 3bj 1el 3cp 1fk 3dq 1gt 3ed 1ij 3em 1k1 3eh 1lb 3ea,1kn 3hi 1j8 3i0 1i8 3j3 1i5 3k4 1je 3kj 1ku 3kn 1me 3ko 1o0 3kq 1pf 3kn 1ul 3i3,1d1 393 1d1 3ab,1dq 39m 1dr 3aa 1e5 3au 1ej 3bg 1f4 3c4 1fl 3ck 1ga 3d0 1h0 3dc 1ho 3di 1in 3dm 1jo 3do 1kp 3dn 1lq 3dl 1mf 3dk,1mo 3di 1np 3df 1oo 3dd 1pj 3dc 1qb 3dh 1qv 3dt 1rf 3ee 1rr 3f5 1ro 3ft 1rb 3gn 1ql 3h5 1pr 3hj 1ot 3hr 1o1 3i0 1n7 3i8 1m7 3ib 1lc 3ib 1kj 3id 1k0 3in 1jq 3jb 1kh 3jq 1lh 3jt 1mf 3jt 1nc 3js 1o6 3jr 1ot 3jq,1ou 3jp 1sm 3gg,2d3 36e 2dg 37m 2dq 393 2e4 3ad 2ed 3bv 2ei 3db 2eg 3er 2e7 3g5 2df 3hc 2cm 3ib 2bj 3j6 2a9 3j6 294 3in 27v 3i6 275 3hd 26j 3gg,298 2ik 29d 2jh,32m 2al 330 2b9,2ad 29o 2ba 29h 2cj 29v 2dc 2ap 2dv 2bo 2ed 2cn 2em 2ds 2ek 2f2 2ee 2g9 2e2 2h9 2dh 2i7 2d0 2iv 2ce 2ji,1mg 3dg 1n3 3dg,1l8 3ea 1m1 3e9 1mt 3e8 1nr 3ea 1om 3eh 1pa 3f0 1po 3fi 1pi 3g7 1ot 3gk,1n7 3h1 1mc 3h5,1ll 3h9 1l1 3hf,1kl 3hg 1os 3gk,2d1 36e 2ca 35q 2b7 35d 2a1 351 28j 34o 271 34f 25e 344 23v 34q 22l 35e 21f 35v 20a 36q#2cb 2jg 29g 2lh#O 24q 3hn,O 20l 3im,O 22p 3iq,O 25q 3hi,O 243 3i6,O 21h 3it,O 1vl 3j0,S 1sh 3i9,O 335 2ct,O 32t 2c5,O 32e 2bg,O 2pj od,O 2p6 p4,O 2n6 p1,O 2o4 pg,O 227 ts,O 265 ul,O 27u ur,O 272 ur,O 25b ul,O 23q uh,O 238 u4,O 21c to,O 207 tg,O 1ve t4,O 161 fe,O 15f fe,O 14c fm,O 13k fr,O 130 g0,O 11s g9,O 111 g9,O 106 ge,O vf gm,B 1ph 3e1 4j,T 2a9 3hk,T 2ac 3hk,T 2ap 3hm,T 2b3 3hs,T 2b2 3i1,T 2ak 3hn,T 2ar 3i6,T 2b5 3ig,T 2b5 3ik,T 2am 3ip,T 2a9 3ip,T 2a0 3ii,T 2a5 3ii,T 2ac 3ig,T 29v 3i6,T 2a5 3i8,T 2ah 3ik,T 2ar 3if,T 2at 3i0,T 2ao 3i0,T 2ae 3hu,T 2a4 3hp,T 2a4 3hp,B 1ob 3k6 2h,B 1m4 3kb 2n,B 1j8 3j4 4n,B 1mk 3hr 83,B 1qj 3gk 7e,B 1ks 3e1 2h,B 1f3 3cp 3n,B 1dk 393 5h

I have no life

hey everybody