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Abilities and Weaknesses

-Command over Demons: The Kishin in the time since his birth made many deals with numerous other gods entities and has now developed the ability to create his own demons and hell spawn, all of whom follow him willingly.

-Superhuman Strength: Naraka's strength level is many times that of most super-beings, the exact limits of which have never been measured. It is generally accepted they are sufficiently strong enough to lift 100 tons with minimal effort.

-Superhuman Speed: Naraka is capable of moving faster the the finest human athlete, however he is by no means super-fast.

-Magic Manipulation: Naraka has the power to control and project multiple types of magic in numerous forms.

-Demon Spawn: Naraka's body is inhabitted by thousands of demons, and thus he can summon them at his own will, simply spilling his own blood.

-Metamorphosis:Naraka can alter their physical form (presumably) into any shape that they can choose.

-Immortality: Naraka, being a deity/concept of the concepts of fear, madness and paranoia, is essentially immortal and will never truly die as long as these emotions/concepts are present, whether one believes in him or not.

-Invulnerability: Naraka cannot be physically harmed by conventional means.

Self-Sustenance: Naraka does not require water or nourishment.

-Superhuman Stamina: Naraka can operate for prolonged periods of time without tiring. He does not require sleep.

-Magical Manipulation: Naraka the power to manipulate vast amounts of magic energy to nearly any effect he desires.

-Black Blood: Blood plays a heavy part in much Naraka's lore. This is due in part to the fact that Naraka will use his own black blood as a weapon. Naraka can harden his bloody and shape and shift it to any form he desires. He can even harden it within his own boy to act as a shield.against weapons and fire arms. The Black Blood even acts as a healing agent, helping the Kishin to rejuvenate himself as well as regenerate and regrow any lost limbs. This is nullified if struck by iron or holy magics/relics.

Power Distribution: It is generally accepted that most gods have had champions to represent them and bestow portions of their powers to those they deem worthy. Naraka is much the same, save for the fact that he does so in a much more perverse manner. When Naraka deems someone worthy of his acknowledgement or power, he will infuse them with some of his own blood. Naraka's Black Blood, is tainted in every way imaginable. Daemons are said to infest every part of his body, including his blood and thus become one with those he infects. The Recipients of Black Blood, are granted vast reserves of power, gifted with feats of super strength that enable them to lift over 25 tons, Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Reflexes and control over the shadows, darkness and their own blood which can be hardened and used as shield, weapons or armor. However, to master these abilities, they must overcome the insanity that ensues along with it, Black Blood is said to pit someone against their worse fears, forcing them to face that which terrifies them in the most realistic manners. For those unable to overcome the taint of Black Blood, the results differ for each individual. Some are possessed by the Daemons Within, others mutate, some simply die, some are said to become that which they fear the most, and other much worse fates await. However, in the end, whether one is capable to overcome the Black Blood or not, their souls and identity are placed in Naraka's hand for all eternity, for him to do with as he sees fit.

-Soul Subjugation and Identity Theft: For those whose souls belong to Naraka, their fate rest entirely in his hand. Some he deems worthy of becoming his own personal demons, others he makes deals with, granting them powers of their own, but for most, they simply become his mindless servants. Although Naraka is capable of shape-shifting, he cannot take the form of someone living. Only those who are dead. The only exception to this rule is that he can take the form of those whose soul he owns, as he essentially owns them and they have become one with his being. Along with their soul, he gains all of the victims memories and personality, to better enable him to use their identity.

-Naraka feeds on the fear,blood-lust, insanity, paranoia, and madness of man-kind, whether they believe in him or not. This works like a psychic battery. The less of these evil traits that are present, the weaker his power. Even the slightest thought of bravery and courage , weakens him, especially if one being is capable of overcoming great fear and terror that stands in his way.

-Holy Magic ,water, Relics: Naraka's greatest source of power is the vast amounts of terror, fear, and misery that dwells within the vast populace of the human world. The superstition that surrounds him only further increases his power. However, it also hinders him. Since Naraka's mythology is spread world-wide in one form of another, relics that are believed to be sacred and powerful weapons against Demons and Evil spirts are incredibly effective against him. Holy Magics are vastly effective against him, and deal great damage to his form when he is struck by such attacks.

-Holy Sanctuary: For much the same reason as that listed above, Naraka cannot enter holy sanctuaries such as monasteries, churches, Cathedrals, and Shrines regardless of the religion. He is incapable of entering such places, and attempting to do so burns away at his physical body.

-Salt and Iron: In many cultures Iron is a metallic ores that is said to burn away at demons, the concept is much the same in Naraka's case. Iron and Silver weaponry, whether it be a sword or bullet can greatly damage Naraka's Physical form and is a sure way to kill him if used correctly.

Salt is used in many cultures to ward off evil spirits as well, and thus acts as a barrier against Naraka. Salt Circles keep him at bay, however he has developed numerous ways to overcome this.

-Physical Manifestation: Naraka is incapable of dealing physical damage to one being directly unless he inhabits a physical body. Naraka is incapable of walking amongst the material world in his own form and thus must possess someone to walk the physical world. Only then can his vast amounts of power be used. Once possessing someone, they are granted all of his powers at the cost of his will entirely devouring their own, in essesence consuming their soul. These Physical Bodies , while becoming very powerful and resistant to harm, are still vulnerable to the weaknesses listed above. To make matters worse, Naraka can feel the pain dealt to the Physical Body.

-Body Consumption:Due to his corrupting daemonic presence and massive levels of dark magic, every body he inhabits slowly ages and withers away. The destruction of the body increases in speed the more magic and power he uses. Thus Naraka prefers to inhabit the bodies of youth, as they general last longer.

Ashura's Symphony


Name: Naraka
Other Aliases: Lord of the Neverborn, The Unseen, Kaul Mandori, Father Innokenti,Arana Setheno, Gaius Caphen, Enrico Vairos, Matthew Corleone
Age: Unknown
Species:Daemon Prince
Origins: Previously concepts of fear, insanity, and paranoia.
Hair Color and Length:Varies depending on the form he chooses to take, usually black
Skin Tone:Varies depending on his form, usually appears as a Caucasian male or female, usually a
Eye Colors:Always A dark violet no matter his appearance.
Jillian Corleone-Former Human Wife-Succumbed to Black Blood
Ava Corleone-Former Daughter-Killed by Naraka himself.
Elicia Corleone- Former Daughter-Succumbed to Black Blood
Nicholas Corleone-Adopted Son- Still alive
Taylor Marie Hellbond- Niece- Succumbed to Black Blood
Zagreus Aurora-Possible Son?

Personality: Naraka is a manipulative, psychopathic sadist, the true pinnacle of madness, however he appeals to people in the form of a calm, charismatic gentleman. He tends to sweet talk or appeal to people with good humor or false feelings of concern and compassion. Whether or not he genuinely understands concepts of love, hope, nobility, is unknown.


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History: The exact time of his birth is unknown, but it is generally accepted that Naraka was created from a mere concept of fear, founded during the early medieval ages ranging from around the times of the renaissance, dark ages, and even the black plague, when fear was running high, whether it be fear of the unknown, people of a different appearance, invaders and challenging beliefs, a time when murder and assassination was at it's highest and vast paranoia was rampant. He was not born from a single area but from the collective thought of those around the entire world, thus there is some mention of him in many cultures appearing as the boogeyman, babau,Sack Man , Bala and many other nightmarish entities. It is possible that given his abilities, he has created the images of demons and monsters that appeal to these many people's rather imaginative terrors.

In the time since his "birth" Narak has taken inspired terror upon the realm of man. Believing that humanity needs to be know fear so that they are kept in line and prevented from causing to much harm to themselves. He does not do this out of love or kindness, but simply for the fact that if Humanity were to overcome concepts such as war, hatred, , fear, etc then not only he, but many other entities, himself included would fade away into nothingness, something he does not wish to happen.

Occasionally, he will entertain himself even further or try to pass the time by delving down into the living populace of the earth, taking on the persona of a demon, human, creature or person and will interact with the people. The time he spends ranges differently depending on the attachments he creates, sometimes spending mere days or entire lifetimes .

His most recent time spent was in the persona of a Matthew Corleone, in which he not only created a small family for himself, to which he later slaughtered upon his release from his human binding, save for an adopted son and daughter, but interacted with a particular cadre of Aura Beings. One of which he drove into a temporary fit of insanity and spawned a child, to which he never met, having been slain in that current physical manifestation and sealed away for several Years.


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Ashura's Magics and Fighting Styles

Ashura is a vastly powerful magical entity/deity and thus can call upon vast reserves of magic to use at his behest. As a Demon God, Ashura is incapable of using holy and light based magics, as well as magic that deals in the arts of nature or healing. Thus he is dangerous honed in the magic that deals with darkness, shadows, and various other darker magiks that are only capable of destruction.

Ashura's List of Magics are as followed:
-Chain Magic
-Bullet Magic
-Fire Magic
-Lightning Magic
-Darkness Magic
-Shadow Magic
-Illusion Magic
-Gravity Magic

Fighting Style:Ashura has no particular style of fighting. He has no finesse or art to his fighting. He does not like to fight in close quarters at all and thus prefers to blast away at a target from far away. However, if forced to fight up close, Ashura will fight like a mad psychopath, clawing and punching wildly. More often than not, he will keep spheres of magic around his hands, the choosing of which depends on how he is feeling. He will empower his strikes with his magic.

Interesting Fact:Ashura's Magics all appear in shadows of Violet and Black, this includes his flames and lightning which appear in Black in Color, as well as the energy chains and bullets that form from his hands.