Well, you want to know about me?

My name is Emily Anne, but most just call me Emmy. I'm seventeen, my birthday is on December 3rd. I'm a senior at a HS that I spend waaaay too much time in.

I've got a thing for music. I like any type of music. Just give me a good beat to groove to and I'll like it. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif But really, I do have a thing for music. I'm in the school's band. I've done just about everything the music department can offer. I was in the school's Color Guard for five seasons, the marching band, and am now in the school's percussion ensemble. I play marimba :] And loving it. I'm in the school's concert band and wind ensemble. I play flute and piccolo. And the jazz band? I'm their not-so-jazzy-more-classical piano player. And I'm also in my school's vocal groups. I'm in the choir. Did I mention I made my region's orchestra and wind ensemble on piccolo? Yea. I'm a dork. Like I said, I've got a thing for music. :] I don't think it's a crime.

Aside from my music, which takes up a lot of my life, I spend most of my time around the hosue practicing or just online. I like Gaia. I've been on here since like '04. Actually, I was here in '03 on a different account. I lurk the majority of the time. I like to shop and spend a lot of my gold. Maybe that's why I rarely finish my quests... ;;._.


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Emy Lou-Chan Report | 12/03/2015 11:51 am
Hey there miss Emily Anne! I just got back on my old account and thought Id pop in and say Hi hope youre doing well! Happy birthday and happy holidays!! smile -Emily Anne
UndeadGirlfriend Report | 08/21/2010 9:56 pm
I don't know if the achievements thing monitors what you post in the comment, but cool avi. Haha.

No srrsly, I do like it though. whee
Chiisua Report | 08/05/2010 12:52 pm
Thank you~! That makes my day. ^//w//^ You have quite the avatar as well. n___n~
The Universal Spider Report | 08/04/2010 6:16 pm
Hehe, thank you. heart The Primavera is one of the most beautiful pieces of art ever, in my opinion. :3
kurohana-chan Report | 07/20/2010 9:47 pm
Not even gold and silver can

whoops I forgot to say thank you. Thank you for the donation!~ Gladly appreciated!~<3

break the two of us...
Tetra Luna Report | 06/24/2010 8:47 am
User Imagethanks
Jennifer Masterson Report | 06/24/2010 5:14 am
cool avi
Milk Kittea Report | 06/23/2010 8:24 pm
User Image
Aw, thanks so much! I always try to match my post style and sig to my avi. ^^
I like having it all very... cohesive, heh. <3
(V)alina Report | 06/23/2010 11:09 am
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||Thanks so much, and your avatar is adorable as well.
Thank you for the comment. :3

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Stefiwefi Report | 11/10/2009 4:43 pm
OMG it seems math class is the best time to talk about.. anything, really, don't you think?? xD
You know what really peeves me this year? ALL THE ANIME CLUB MEMBERS ARE NOOBS! They had no idea what I was talking about when I said something like "You seen Axis Powers Hetalia??" I was like O_O HUHHHHH!?!!!?! YOU DON'T KNOW HETALIA!? By the way, have you seen it?