Hello Darling, you may call me Krystal, Krys, or a variation of my username. I am currently 20 and turn 21 on none other than St. Patrick's day. (oh joy)
I currently reside in a small town on the East Coast of the US. I do have a job labeled as "Part-Time" with wonderful "Full-Time" hours so please excuse me if I am not online often enough for your taste.
I have many dreams and hopes my the ultimate would be able to succeed in an education and career that I am passionate about and happy doing. One day when I am an old biddy I hope to have known what love is, experience a child's love, and know what it feels like to have a place called "Home".
I have many friends in many places and some I feel are family to me. Hanging out and talking with these fine people is what I enjoy most in my life currently so feel free to leave a comment or message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, love.

feel free to send a PM.
my face.


"The sea is the only place she is at home,
Longing for the scent of the oceans air,
The deck covered in the waves fresh foam,
While the breeze dances through her hair.

While she is called a great many a thing,
She is always herself, no matter the cost,
But in that she is a magnificent being,
A shining beacon for those who are lost."

- Alex Eternal


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