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Report | 02/08/2016 5:46 am

Midnight Juniper

Well, hard to tell what you did for his birthday. wink wink wink
hope his was better than my daughters.
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Report | 02/07/2016 1:45 pm


its not a bad game. just something to leave you something to do on here. xD rigs are so risky but tempting at the same time! i suck at winning from those! -> 0<-
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Report | 02/07/2016 10:04 am

Kuroko Kusanagi V2

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Report | 02/07/2016 9:59 am

moonlite dreamer

Sorry I know so few OTL //has only been browsing recently myself too.
And thank YOU dear for your kind offer<3
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Report | 02/07/2016 9:22 am

moonlite dreamer

;w; emotion_hug
brokedom is the worse.
Aaah hmmm... einna chan might appeal to chu?
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Report | 02/07/2016 1:27 am


thanks! and ya i can understand not wanting the extra attention at a restaurant. lol i always feel weird if the waiters sing and other people look over lol

what kind of gifts did u get him?
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Report | 02/06/2016 5:58 pm


thats great to here!<3 not really is always. most of that conversations with friends make up for it. i play a little kindred just to give some help for boredom -^﹏^-;
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Report | 02/06/2016 11:26 am

moonlite dreamer

//can't wait to see the arts that you get from them emotion_kirakira
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Report | 02/06/2016 10:28 am

moonlite dreamer

Abby's been doing commishes again, and M72 is definitely noteworthy
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Report | 02/03/2016 2:40 am


Pheeeew! Babies are really demanding, both physically and mentally XD They are like mini bosses who are never quite content with what you do lmao lol
Now that hes speaking a bit and understanding emotions more its a lot more rewarding though ^^ Hehe
I'd say one of the most important things, aside from financials and stuff, would be to have a good support network of friends/family around you who you can rely on to keep you going through the tough times and give you the occasional break to freaking shower or pee on your own lol I don't have that here where I live unfortunately and it has made things a bit tougher than they should be sweatdrop but if I can get through it anyone can xd

Errr yes I guess I am back for now ^^ started an auction to get some funds together.. its sloooow though, a lot less ppl around it seems eek
I haven't seen u on as much OuO u not leaving are you??
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Report | 02/02/2016 8:08 pm


hey hey! how are u this evening? heart heart
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Report | 02/02/2016 6:08 pm


Awwww Hi Boa!!!!
Thank you, yours is gorgeous like always.
I've been good!!! Just sick as of lately with a cold that just won't go away.

Sides the cold Just focusing on planning a visit with my bf and also tokyo trip next april 2017...i get to book this may the flight and apartment @___@!!!!! So i'm excited my dream of traveling there will finally come true ^^ and for a month stay! (Idk if you remember but this was my parents wish for me to go and for them to help, so it has a lot of meaning now to finally do it.) so ^^ their wish and my dream gets to come true. My depression is a lot better as well, i still have my bad days but its not a every day thing anymore. So...guess things are just starting to look up. c:

How have things been for you?
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Report | 02/02/2016 4:55 pm


*squeak noise from hug*~♪♥
Hi hi! it been so long! im doing fine thank you!<3 how about you? emotion_hug
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Report | 02/02/2016 4:46 pm

moonlite dreamer

<3 <3
right back at you boo *.* <3
//5ever drooling at your collection <3
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Report | 02/02/2016 4:44 pm

Midnight Juniper

Ooo what were you busy doing? Did you have Rolf locked in the bedroom? ninja lol
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Report | 02/02/2016 3:35 pm


It was a toyota sora. 98 model. If it were not for the monster motor in it she would have been dead. The backbend came off a lorry truck when she was driving to work at 5am. She collided head on with it.
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Report | 02/02/2016 3:31 pm


I took a heavy one for migraines but I hope I wont bleed on my pillow again....I sleep with the pillow encased in towels cause its that bad. T^T Im gonna pass out now and hope tomorrow I wont feel so bad!
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Report | 02/02/2016 3:29 pm


Not including WIPs? Uummm like 22 or something? I'll double check tomorrow. XD

I'm excited, too, and yay more people to hang out with!!
Kiro_Shinigami's avatar

Report | 02/02/2016 3:28 pm


my head is about to fall off...My nosebleeds aint stopping and im gonna go to the doctors tomorrow...I had it up to my heads tip with pain @A@.......men where not designed to have PAIN this bad T^T
Jen-Til's avatar

Report | 02/02/2016 3:26 pm


Omg, I would totally be down for that. <3

Hopefully they won't mind my kpop obsession, lol!

Let me know when you have it planned and stuff and I'll be sure to set time aside. <3
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