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My contacts, enjoy my profile page.

just message me there or if even chat with me whenever i'm online. I now have a cell yes, so message me and I will send it to you. I have trust issue, even with the items I'm giving out. LOL it's a good give away.

LOL read this or not. Message me about the items, with your old username, hint I have forgotten everything on gaia and whom I once trust the most. remind me of zOMG. Believe me I will recall that time. And your wish shall be grrrr...... lol

What's your type?

Jimin- God

Any Gaian who have left ages ago and have return will only know what this mean

Kisum- Super Star WOOT

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For ya passionate song lover

Black Pink - Boombayah

Jimin- PusS

Kaji Morushi



There are times when you rebel against something you don't know any better about. Sometimes you wanna be on top saying your something. Sometimes you miss someone that you would die waiting for. Sometimes the unthinkable comes and goes ripping at each and every little thought you have. Those were the times, when you just need to be held onto tight. No matter who it is that person cares more to be suffering with you.

This is being written to those who are having trouble in life, dramas, and etc. The world is big, big enough to where you can earn enough to find a better place to life. Better yet i'll be back with more to say done deal i feel your pain....

And you thought you was swag?!?

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