My boyfriend drew this for me.
It's the best gift ever


Emilia Sirensong


-In a relationship
-Loves cute and retro things
-Usually found in a good mood

For almost two years, he and I, have lived our times together; separated but still together.
We have been there for each other and supported one another, even when we haven't been present at the same time. We have laughed, we have cried, we have fought and we have made up. We have experimented, we have tried our boundaries, we have done things together and we have done things on our own.

We have journeyed far and close; had our own adventures, whether it means working, or school, or moving, or a holiday trip. But we have still known, that we have someone waiting for us to come back home. We have learned much of each other and seen what we are like when most vulnerable. We aren't perfect, but we fill in each other. If the Greek myth about gods dividing people in two is true, then I indeed believe to have found my other missing half.

They say love is the power that makes our world move, divide seas and make humans act stupidly. No matter how you describe it, I know that I love him; and that it's the strongest feeling I have ever felt in my life.

I know I have asked this many times but I ask it again:

I'll wait for you, will you wait for me?

Laura Shigihara - From the Ground Up

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