Emilia Sirensong


The Day When the Snow Fell

››› It could have been like any other day before, but faith had decided to test the hero and the heroine of this story. This is the story of the day when the snow fell.

››› The princess was in the midst of her chores, like she had been many times before. During the past two years, she had remained in her tower chamber, waiting for her lover to come. But during the third year of our lovers, the princess had felt imprisoned in her tower like a little bird in a cage. It was no other but the demons, who were poisoning her mind and heart, waiting for the princess' weakest moment, to swallow her soul completely.

››› It was that day when a letter came from the princess' lover, far from the west. Unfortunately, since the long battle had been consuming our hero, the letter was not as kindly addressed than usually. As the princess read these words her lover had written, the demons saw, that their chance had come. They whispered heartbreaking thoughts into princess' mind and as she was being blinded by the false emotions of demons, she wrote a letter that would break our hero's heart. As the first snow started falling behind the window, the princess laid on her bed weeping.

››› When drifting in her dreams, the real princess, not poisoned by the demons that lurked in the shadows of her room, realized what she had done. She couldn't help but feel helpless as what to do. Her mind and heart spoke of different things and the evil whispers of the demons were circling around her not making it any easier. It was as in that moment the princess heard a familiar voice saying:

''Don't listen to your mind or the demons.. What does your heart say..?"

Trying to reach this image she had seen in her dreams, the princess woke up. Her heart knew what she had to do.

››› With great haste, a messenger was summoned to princess' chamber. While writing the letter, the princess said:

"Take this letter and ride, day and night until you reach him! Don't stop no matter what, the future of our kingdom depends on you!"

With these words the princess handed the letter to her messenger, who bowed and turned on his heels to head to the stables, where a horse had already been prepared for him.

››› As the princess stood in the window, watching her messenger gallop beyond the horizon, more snow started falling from the sky. The princess reached in the sky, to catch snow in her hands, before crossing them into a prayer:

"Oh the great Northern wind.. Blow, blow to where my lover is and tell him my love and how I miss him.."

It was then when the wind started blowing stronger, as if the gods had heard the princess' prayer.

››› That was the day when the snow fell, but that was also the day when the demons started to lose their powers. A small fire of hope had been lit once again in the princess' heart, and it burned brighter than ever, but will the letter princess send reach her lover?