My likes include...
Exercise & Athleticism
History & Mythology
Fighting Games

"Fighting game enthusiast, coffee aficionado, amiibo connoisseur, and disco extraordinaire - Emilio. Born within the very fabric of the mid-1990s, Emilio was thrust forward into the unknown world of yoga pants and 1st world problems. He began his private schooling around the age of 5yrs old and found himself immersed in the language of music and the ancient histories of the Earth, and some other really cool s**t. He is an outlaw in love with himself, a man of science and SEX, but mostly science, and a wanted man in the Peruvian mountains. He favors athleticism and fitness above all else, and has a total hard-on for anything ancient and sexy. Especially MILFs. He's an avid listener of SICK a** hip-hop and heavy metal. He once did not sleep for three days straight, his coffee being the only viable weapon against the exhaustion that malicious intended to envelope his mind in the cold, dank grasp of sleep. Sky diving, scuba diving and mountain climbing are just several of the many goals he will accomplish in his short, successful life. He will not marry, nor bare any heir to continue his legacy; he's an a*****e like that. Despite all the countless flaws that afflict him and every problem that piles up around his life, he still looks forward to tomorrow and the day after. And now I shall conclude this small biography about the wondrous Emilio, a man who is more human than human."

And my dislikes are mainly...
Fat People
Social Justice Warriors

"Time is a waste of life,
and life is a waste of time,
so let's get wasted all the time,
and have the time of our lives.


"I found a picture
that proves angels exist
and saints still live."
-Ceraunius Amaurius Maximillius
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