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Alright, sounds awesome!
And yeah, I most certainly agree. I feel like without the stress of the crowds and the simple job of just stocking things/labelling boxes/etc for 8 hours at a time I'll fly by until I either work part time or the holidays are over.
And overnight stockers make .50 more than regular shifts, which is neat, I suppose!
Well, for now, I'm gonna get going, I need to help with christmas lights. I hope you take care until then! Stay safe!

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I frequently use snapchat, if you have one. I also have a skype if you have one - that you can use to contact me on, if you wish. The mobile skype app is also pretty good for like, texting and whatnot.
And yeah! I'm sorry that we only managed one conversation! It's my fault. My skype is arcanitereaperhoo!
Also, I'm glad you're not sick anymore! c: That's the greatest.
And I'm excited for this stocking job! I'm normally awake during 10-7am, and the stores won't be chock filled with people in those graveyard shift hours. And apparently the big bossmen won't be up there, either.
It's seasonal, but after a 90 day probation period they review my work and see if they'll hire me part time.

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Hey, you! I've been okay. I had to get rid of kik because my ex was harassing the s**t out of me and notifications would not cease regardless of turning them off.
Then she blocked my number and s**t and it was a cesspool of drama and heartbreak, really.

I recently got a job at walmart as an overnight stocker! It starts monday at 10pm 'till 7am, and that's my regular shift. c: How've you been?
Aya und Wolf

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Aya und Wolf

            Yeah, I can see that you're using it. It really is an amazing skin.
            It adds so much texture without needing anything else, but
            no arm / hand mods match it. Any time there's an event I stock up on that skin. ;p
Metropol Rubbish

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Metropol Rubbish

Thank you very much! c:
strapping young man

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strapping young man

Thank you!

I've seen you in AT and I love your avatars, always so well made!
Aya und Wolf

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Aya und Wolf

            I appreciate that so much!
            the face on your avatar is so stunning
            it's the dark vampire potion

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yesss indeed c: heart

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that is a good idea.
atm I'm obsessed over the shoujo sweaters

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omg lavens....the second artist i'd sell my soul to hahaha
and yes indeed, like this other avvie as well : D