For some weird reason I decided this account, aside from being all green (which I think looks nice), would have my poetry.

For the record, I do not like poetry. I do NOT want to see your poetry, because I hate looking at other people's poetry. It's like photos of grandchildren. But if by some weird reason you ENJOY reading poetry, see my journal. It has all the things I've written in it; I've done more, but I can't remember them offhand.

Feel free to critique my works. Not criticize. Say if you like it, say WHAT you like, say what needs improvement and how.... but if you hate everything about it and can't make an intelligent reply, just don't mention it, 'kay?

And, if you happen to be feeling generous, donate green items. :=) You can see what I want in my wishlist, but I accept most anything.


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*mindfreeze* Uh, my journal?

This is my journal. Nothing else.


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Cool Avi!

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Merci Beaucoup for the purchase! gaia_nitemareleft gaia_nitemareright

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Awwwwwww. Thank you! ^-^ I like your avatar too! blaugh
Pineapple Soda 3.0

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Pineapple Soda 3.0

I would definately stay at school a bit longer then.
I hope you did well on your exam.
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Pineapple Soda 3.0

Aw, how are you?


Sig? What sig? I don't see any sig. Do you see a sig?