A lot has changed in my life since I first joined GaiaOnline.

I have experienced my first real heartbreak, found new love, moved across the country, and settled in to a nice condo with my current roommate.

Some things to understand about me. Consider the following a disclaimer:

I may not be everyone's type of person. I will not tolerate any slurs or inappropriate behaviour towards marginalized groups of people. If you say slurs around me I will explain to you why you shouldn't use that word, and if you continue to use those terms I will not continue a conversation with you.

I'm genderqueer. I have a female body but do not associate with being a female. Up until this point I have been pretty lenient and accepting of she/her pronouns, but I would really rather you use my proper jyr pronoun (pronounced: jeer). Jyr can be used in place of all tenses. If this is too hard, I also accept they/them, but please refrain from using she/her as much as possible. I am trying to move away from using these pronouns all together.

I am poly. Because of this my a lot of people would say that my marriage 'isn't real'. My husband lives with his long-term boyfriends and I live with my roommate. It's a situation that works really well for all of us, and I do not wish to experience shame for my lifestyle. Because not everyone in my life is understanding of this, we keep our relationship on the DL. It's a private affair, so please, if you add me on social media don't spread it around. One day when I am ready to I will announce it, but today is not that day.

I have "headmates", as the internet and tumblr has now coined them. A lot of people believe this is a sickness or treat it as schizophrenia. These are my friends that I adore and have grown to love and share my space and body with, and I'm tired of hiding them from the world. These are genuine people with their own lives and feelings. However, this is not an excuse to be an a*****e. If I catch them about to be dicks, I'll cut them off right then and there. Please don't try and lecture me about being "sick". It's a spiritual thing. Not everyone understands it, and you don't have to believe it. It is very real for me, though.

Now, on to the more generic stuff!

I was born July 9th, 1993. I am 24 years old and live on a happy little island in British Columbia. I have two cats that I adore and hate all at the same time. I currently work at a music software company that I hope to make in to my forever home. I can usually be found in Nightmare Academy in the breedables/collectables subforum where I work as a colorist, lore master, and hold the position of general manager!

Feel free to leave me a comment if you ever want to chat!