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*How do alien forces plan to counter the problem of “human nature”?*

Einstein once said that a problem’s solution cannot come from the same level where the problem originated. If human nature is the problem, then only a non-human element can be the solution. At present, the problem resides in the inevitable failure of both the secret government and future humans to maintain unconditional obedience to their alien masters due to fundamental genetic and metaphysical differences and the fact that we are individualistic and opportunistic by nature.

Once the New World Order is initiated, their solution is to place humanity under the leadership of a genetically engineered “master race” of alien-human hybrids. These hybrids surpass us in intellectual and psychic abilities, and they do not “suffer” from the “weaknesses” of human nature such as empathy and the longing for individual freedom. While maintaining control, they will then interbreed with the human population to infuse these genetic characteristics into humanity at large. Thus, in the end mankind will be biologically predisposed toward subservience to the alien empire, alleviating the empire of having to expend unnecessary resources enforcing their control. At that point, we will be locked into bondage and the alien agenda will have reached its conclusion.

We are seeing evidence of this already. For example, we are being culturally pre-conditioned to eventually accept the policy of interbreeding between humans and hybrids. Standards of physical beauty embodied in supermodels and actresses increasingly move toward emphasis upon features typical of hybrids: low forehead, small chin, triangular face, large eyes, and slim androgynous bodies. It wasn’t too long ago that the “hybrid” look would have been considered disturbing and unhealthy, but today the trend has been toward the sexualization of these characteristics.

*How will this hybrid race be created?*

Alien abductions serve multiple purposes, and this is one of them. Presently, the hybrid breeding program is virtually finished. Hybrids look human, but lack our aforementioned qualities that make us liable to resist an overt alien presence. Some are already being silently integrated into the population. A few are being unwittingly born into human families, others will be introduced in mass numbers later.

Some hybrids among us are already being passed off as “Indigo Children,” though not all Indigo Children are hybrids. The hybrids most successfully following their intended programming act like little psychopaths, have contempt for humans, and possess acute intellectual and psychic powers to support their ambitions. It is these qualities that make them fit for eventually ruling over humanity in obedience to their alien superiors.

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Bible guild Mule Report | 02/05/2017 4:49 am
Bible guild Mule
Responding to your reply to my bottle;
Why do you think the book of Enoch is true?



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