hi my names christina and i'm 18 years old smile • I'm a very sensitive person, and I often find myself getting lost in worlds that would never happen. Or in other words, my imagination of different lives and things and places are on my mind a bit too much • I can often feel the energy of the world around me, which is why I greatly support animal rights and saving the environment • i'm a vegetarian and my fav color is pink • i'm irish, german, russian, and slavic • I have green/brown hazel eyes, fair skin and black hair • around 5'8 tall ^^ • my dream is to travel the world most likely ireland, japan, and iceland • my future career choices are an author or a florist • i love skyrim and ffxiv, add me on PSN: christina1107 • I also play a lot on my 3DS <3 friend code: 1951 - 2919 - 8163 • my spirit animal is a crane • be different heart
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"Everyday I will wish for the ability to always be courageous and try new things, to connect with more people and bring change to their life, to inspire others and remind them to always keep believing in themselves. For happiness and peace of mind and sound of soul."