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Main Avatar Cosplay

ҿℓʂą ɨդ ѡσդđҿɾℓąդđ
Losing her parents in a terrible fire awakened in Elsa inexplicable ice powers.

Riddled with guilt and pain, she retreated in a childhood haven as means to cope with reality.
Wonderland was always there to welcome and shelter her, in the past.

But what happens when the safety of her imagination suffers from her predicaments as well?
When everything she knew to be right becomes dark and twisted... A reflection of her innermost turmoils.

Thus begins a journey of self redemption. Finding strength and new hope by mending a broken heart.
Or go completely mad trying to. Some characters will seek to help her, others, bring her down.
What will the outcome be? That is entirely up to her!

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Behind the Character

I am a young woman, 21 years of age.
My homeland is somewhere behind a keyboard in Europe.
I'm mostly occupying my free time with writing stories and occasionally drawing.

Yes, I do role play as Elsa. Don't be shy to introduce your own character(s)!
In case you wonder, her crossover is strongly inspired by American McGee's Alice.

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