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I should try and write something interesting here so i might catch your attention. So Im starting out with my name, elly ssi. and yes because im probably ur unnie or noona whatever. im 20 something and that makes me adult-ish. im in college and im taking up a pre med course, im struggling but hey, who says you get everything in life easy. im not taking up med too. just a pre med course. my parents insist though. which is a little off since im not doctor material.

education is something you cant just eat in one night.

anyway, i love the outdoors, hiking, swimming, biking. i also love nerdy things like books, comics/mangas, anime, star trek. the sort. i pretty much have a well balanced life. my social life is fairly well too, fyi.

ah aigoo. and we have kpop, big fan if you don't mind. music, culture, food. yes, i know a lot of k-songs beside gangnam style. anyhow, im a huge.. HUGE, BANGTAN fan. an ARMY. no, not the one who goes to war, its a fandom fyi. these dorks are really something, never thought i'd get to love some other idol group as intensely as i love Bigbang and GD. Jimin biased but hey, every bangtan member is a bias wrecker, i warn you.

anyway that pretty much sums what i want to share. if you wanna ask more shoot me a pm.

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kjux Report | 12/31/2015 8:30 pm
but that feeling when you get reject xD

it's good that you got the patience, i stop at 18 kills hah even tho there're prize if you get 100kill and heals.
kjux Report | 12/31/2015 7:50 pm
thinking a lot is fine but while lecturer rejects your work. ah, everything about science is hard to me haha
well thats true but if it's the course you chose so as long as you got the interest, should be no problem o:

really? i think the event is quite tiring especially the event page. you need to kill and heal. emotion_puke
thank you! and you too! c:
kjux Report | 12/31/2015 7:15 pm
ah it's okay tho.
interesting but you need to think a lot emotion_puke oh bio! science! my weak subject

same here tho! i really hope this event will stay longer, it really helps me a lots!
anyway happy new year!
kjux Report | 12/25/2015 5:22 am
oh i don't mind, im taking design course, how about you? o:
enjoying it alone can be great too, wish you meet someone shares the same interests xd me - just give up haha

i know right? but it sounds cool hehe, no problem! i will share when there's more
yup i think their fanbase has grow larger either! :O
aw is okay just take your times, maybe after you graduate or holidays or whenever you feel like 'okay i should take a look of bts now' c:
im having holidays at the moment so i have the time to but not today orz it's christmas. oh merry christmas to you too!
kjux Report | 12/23/2015 3:08 am
i agree with the exhausting! special thanks to unlimited assignments talk2hand
aw it's fine even there's not much fandom irl. none of my friends fan beast anyway, so we're kind of on the same path lol.

indeed and oops sorry! typed wrong it's 1 verse , i watched few fan meeting videos only. but yeah! they did win an award - Best world performers c:
it's okay, you can make your "comeback" during holidays XD
kjux Report | 12/23/2015 1:20 am
i know them from ineedyou but i was just listen to that song lol. after starting uni life, one of my friend which's crazy fan of bts, she keep introducing bts to me and show me pics videos and im in emotion_kirakira lol

jimin...acting santa in fanmeeting, it's hilarious! jhope! have you listen to his 1st verse? it's amazing!
same here! but quite upset that they didnt win mama best dance performance ._.
kjux Report | 12/22/2015 11:12 pm
mine was just 1 or 2 months x'D oh it'd be suga, but i like all of them. How about you?
kjux Report | 12/22/2015 9:18 pm
you got it haha but im still a newbie army orz;;;;;
kjux Report | 12/21/2015 7:22 pm
random comment~ army here too emotion_brofist emotion_kirakira
cutekittehs Report | 12/06/2015 12:02 am
Fellow Army! Thanks for buying! heart


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