heart Hai there! I'm Ellie and Welcome to my Profile! heart

I am not new to gaia however, I've been gone from this site since they closed down ZOMG. But now they have it back again and I'm so so so happy! I've always loved Gaia and I'm so glad it's still as popular as it is. With that being said below is a little bit about me.

heart Personality heart

arrow Outgoing
arrow Am told to be Humorous
arrow Honest
arrow Loyal
arrow Respectful
arrow Fun
arrow Always have something to talk about
arrow Random

heart Interests/Hobbies heart

arrow Video Gamer (I love video games of all types my favorite genre is RPG)
arrow Cosplayer
arrow Student In College (A.A. in Creative Writing, then Bachelors in Journalism)
arrow Drawer (Digital mainly but I can do Traditional as well mainly sketching.)
arrow Writer (Poetry and short stories but I am practicing different types.)
arrow Love to meet new people and make new friends.
arrow Movie Buff (Either watching Netflix or at a movie theater.)
arrow Graphic Designer and Web Designer
arrow 3D modeling and Animation
arrow Dancing

heart What I like to do on Gaia heart

arrow You will find me playing ZOMG
arrow Rarely but might find me in the town if i'm bored
arrow I love to meet new people and make new friends
arrow Read the Manga that's on here
arrow Playing games I love the Puzzle game the most
arrow Changing my profile
arrow Writing in my journal constantly
arrow Changing my avatar once or more everyday if i'm bored enough


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~Life According To Ellie~

This Journal is all about my thoughts and ideas and pretty much anything I want to type about. Most of the time you will find posts about my adventures here on Gaia, what I do, the people I meet, the experiences I make, the games I play, etc. I hope


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Over le Seas

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Over le Seas


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Wow, your wishlist is overflowing. o.o

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I don't do art I commission it

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hey we need to talk :

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thx ^^ mrgreen

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heyyy girl how ya doin? xd

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Hey best person EVER!!! xd
Xx Aisec xX

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Xx Aisec xX

thanks dear for shopping heart sweatdrop

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you do know each box of chocolates tells you what is in side. lol!