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Last Login: 01/23/2015 9:04 pm

Registered: 12/12/2006

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/24/1992


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Hi there! I'm Elle. I'm a twenty-year-old from California. I currently attend college on a beautiful island in Hawaii where I am studying TESOL Education with the aspiration of traveling the world teaching English. So far, that's working! I temporarily live in China, where I teach kindergarteners to speak English. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I'm a writer and I love to role play. Feel free to send me a PM. I love making new friends and chatting. ^.^

Look me up on AIM: Aerthenis

Or MSN: littlehuffofmight@hotmail.com



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xXiiYokoXx Report | 07/29/2013 6:56 pm
Mm~ emotion_bigheart
*hugs Ellentasia*
xXiiYokoXx Report | 07/29/2013 6:33 pm
LoL gomen, Ellentasia~ xD
Yoko couldn't remember where Ellentasia was xP
So when Yoko saw on the news, Yoko thought of Ellentasia and was worried~
xXiiYokoXx Report | 07/29/2013 6:16 pm
Hurricane Flossie, ney? yum_puddi
xXiiYokoXx Report | 07/24/2013 9:59 pm
*Reaches out and pokes Ellentasia gently* yum_puddi yum_strawberry
Nagai jikan, Ellentasia ni nai hanashi 〜
(Long time, no talk to Ellentasia~)
Miss chuuuuuu~ emotion_bigheart
Oyasumi, for Yoko for now~
Tis late here~
Torn Wings Report | 07/02/2013 9:48 am
Torn Wings
I'm really glad that I have a good family who actually cares about me. It's helping a lot. We are going on vacation starting tonight....so hopefully I can be distracted for a little while. I'm strong enough to get through this, I've been through worse....but thank you, your concern is touching. :] I hope everything is going well for you.
Torn Wings Report | 07/01/2013 11:39 am
Torn Wings
Aww, thank you. It did make me smile a little. smile Things are rough- to put it very mildly- for me right now. It seems that every bad decision I've made in the last 4 years has now caught up with me and I have no way to solve them. I'm trying to ride it out- but if it weren't for my family I'd be in jail or on the streets right now. I basically have to start my life all over again at 22. I'm so mad I could just scream. All of it was preventable.
xXiiYokoXx Report | 06/22/2013 12:52 am
Arrrrrrrgh!~ yum_strawberry
Ellentasia's avi ish full of win~ heart yum_puddi
Yoko ish happy that Ellentasia seems to be having a good time~
*still wishes she could go to Hawaii* -pouts-
xXiiYokoXx Report | 06/21/2013 8:25 pm
OMO!~ ^^ Ellentasia ish on the mainland? Does she like being on the mainland? *tilts head curiously/hopes Ellentasia ish having lots of fun* yum_puddi
xXiiYokoXx Report | 06/12/2013 9:14 pm
Oyasumi, Ellentasia!~
Yoko wanted to say Hi and wish Ellentasia sweet dreams and hopes that she has a great day tomorrow.
Etto...omo... today yum_puddi yum_strawberry
Kiyoku Kurisaku Report | 04/25/2013 2:00 pm
Kiyoku Kurisaku
Happy Birthday!~