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I'm not a recluse, I'm not even a spider!




Hello, I'm Elle! ^_^ I just lurk around here and don't post much, don't mind me.


...Oh, I suppose you are reading this to figure out who the hell I am, right? Well, I was born on March 17 1990, so I'm a Pisces if you're into that. I have auburn hair and greenish blue eyes. I like seafood, doodling badly in MS paint, playing video games, watching other people play video games, thinking about playing video games, and putting off video games until tomorrow because I'm kind of tired.

I have some anxiety problems so I don't post in the forums often because I get really nervous about it, and when I do it usually ends up as a garbled mess because I can't get my thoughts organised. Sorry if you get irritatded by that, I'm trying to work on being better at the whole posting thing. I should stick to the one liners since my brain gets all stupid trying to explain things.

Also, I've been physically disabled since birth and I use an electric wheelchair to get around. Vroom vroom! Heh heh. I have EDS of some sort that affects my joints and muscles, some neurological mutation that causes neuropathy, plus some other things. I get muscle spasms, migranes, aches and pains, I'm tired much of the time, and I have trouble gripping and feeling things with my hands. I don't get to go out and do things like everyone else, and I miss being able to do the things I used to be able to do. It's rough but it's a part of life, my life. Crips 4 lyf yo.


Don't worry about it though, It's just a part of who I am and all that jaz. I'm just putting it here as a point of reference for when I start cracking jokes at my own expense. Like being on a** level with everyone in a checkout line or cutting my legs off with a dull spoon or something. Making light of my problems sort of helps me feel better about my lot in life, it's a bit theraputic I guess.

...But enough of my griping. Muhgawd, seriously, I seem to be unable to type anything about my crippleness with out making it sound heavy as hell. TL;DR I'm a cripple who sucks at life, blah blah blah. Wangst. Sheesh.

Other not at all interesting facts:
I'm quite immature for my age. I'm short on both patience and fuses, but I try my hardest to not lash out at people. I tend to play devil's advocate for no real reason, and I usually don't realise it until a goodways in that I'm arguing pointlessly. I'm a bit sarcastic, sorry. No, really, I'm sorry because I know it rubs some people the wrong way and sarcasm tends to get lost in text format. I took Japanese dance lessons for five years, even though I don't even know the language. I also took ballet and tap dancing when I was younger, as well as piano lessons. I love Video Games AWESOME and watch every live stream that I can...and I never get to chat because of the damned anxiety problems.

(BTW, my user name is a pun on 'element'. Well, aren't I a genius. pfft.)


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Would you like to join my new guild?
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Mercy Tompson
thanks for buying
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l Princess Lily l
Thank you for your purchase!~ yum_puddi
Bellattrix Report | 05/19/2013 1:12 pm
Thanks for purchasing heart
Alphasaurus Report | 05/12/2013 9:58 am
thanks for buying (:
netsab Report | 03/02/2013 9:27 pm
Glad you finally got it then. Aw, c; Thank you so much, and I will! emotion_bigheart
netsab Report | 03/02/2013 8:57 pm
Thanks for buying! Have a lovely evening, and you have a cute avi. c;
Sylvia0093 Report | 02/08/2013 7:18 am
Thank you for buying.
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thanx 4 buying gaia_kittenstar
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your welcome

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