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Lady Saxophone Report | 09/26/2017 12:44 pm
Lady Saxophone

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Lady Saxophone Report | 09/17/2017 9:56 am
Lady Saxophone
Nah, just that I don't really go in the "social" forums -- aka GCD, CB, Towns, Rallies, etc.
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/17/2017 9:50 am
Lady Saxophone
i don't really talk to other people on here outside of profile commissions, coding help, or the occasional bug report help post
Kunopegos Report | 09/16/2017 12:00 am
o heck
they still havent resolved that? damn

dude if i had a ps4 I'll probably be stuck on it playing the Danganronpa games tbh :'D
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/15/2017 8:47 pm
Lady Saxophone
as evidenced by ur lack of grammar skillz
Kunopegos Report | 09/15/2017 8:37 pm
i've always used a male aviii cuz now the girl base looks weird to me now sad

and since they came out with a good male item User Image

eliza do u zomg anymore and if u do what is there to do? i hopped on yesterday and like
where r all the crews???
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/15/2017 8:34 pm
Lady Saxophone
no please
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/15/2017 8:27 pm
Lady Saxophone
There's sculpture and pottery and music and poetry and books and etc. etc. etc.
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/15/2017 8:23 pm
Lady Saxophone
>:v then stop being disappointed
Lady Saxophone Report | 09/15/2017 8:21 pm
Lady Saxophone
sir, if u really wanted to be able to do art, you could've learned how to do it from me and hildr and likko long ago


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