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Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/11/2017 7:49 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
You could just look them up on youtube to get a better idea if you wanted to.

Saga Frontier was different and some people had issues with the game since it was an open world concept with no real clear direction as to what to do next but I really enjoyed that. The way characters leveled up was different too. Depending on what skills a character used in battle would determine their stat growth. Also, you could learn moves mid battle and even do combos with teammates. There were 7 character scenarios you could choose to play. Each one is a little different and the characters you could recruit in each one also varied.

Legend of Legaia was the story of a young man whose village is raided by monsters generated by a sinister mist. You travel the land with two other companions trying to figure out where the mist is coming from and how to stop it.

In Digital Devil saga, you are a member of a group that are battling with other groups and in the midst of a war you all wake up with a new power. You can transform into monsters (demons) and in order to gain power and access nirvana you must devour one another.
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/11/2017 5:47 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
Then you have not been living. biggrin
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/11/2017 3:51 am
Ambassador Of Peace
1. Saga Frontier
2. Final Fantasy 6
3. Legend of Legaia
4. Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2
5. Kingdom Hearts
Gothic Rebecca Report | 12/10/2017 12:35 pm
Gothic Rebecca

Not really, aside from some of the retro consoles (I'm passionately in love with Earthbound on the old SNES). Personally, I hate that almost everything is co-op now, that you've got to be online, and that a lot of games are on a "pay-to-win" system, despite having already spent $80 to buy the game in the first place. I'm mostly into PC gaming, despite the fact that a lot of those games are going the ways as mentioned above. The great thing though, is that there are workarounds for those PC games...if you know where to get them. ninja
spoopy queen Report | 12/10/2017 10:45 am
spoopy queen
Don't own any. Never really had a use for one since our heater has never had issues.
But it's fixed now, so it doesn't matter anymore.

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Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/10/2017 4:11 am
Ambassador Of Peace
I love RPGs and adventure games.
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/09/2017 6:08 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
Well, I used to be a lot more into games when I was younger. Now, I play if and when I have the time and even then I don't enjoy them as much as I used to. Not sure if game reviews are for me.
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/09/2017 6:04 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
I watch a lot of things though. Music videos, fail videos, game reviews, a plethora of videos. I don't follow anyone so I can imitate them. I am more than comfortable with who I am. 3nodding

It's mainly for the funny videos. I LOVE to laugh. xd
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/09/2017 5:59 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
That's true. I suppose a custom profile wouldn't be so bad. lol

I don't play any online games. I waste too much time on youtube as it is. xD
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/09/2017 5:52 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
Same. Back when I first started there was a group I was close to but...we have all gone our separate ways and I think most of them quit Gaia years ago. :c

Cool! Thanks. I'm not that into having the most up to date profile but I'll give it a look.


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