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Bullet List About Me! And you shall totally read AAAALLL of my conceited rambling! =D haha! yes.
This is my "quieter" but real side you are going to read about.
Oh and everyone who is like "WTFUXXORSS RAP TOTALLY SUX!!!!!11!!!11one!!!!1!!" can fak off because I listen to what I like whether the whole world loves it or hates it. =P <<<---this is likely the side of me you met. hehe

-My real name is Vanessa

-I'm not Italian. My screen name is from a Mafia Name Generator. Why a Mafia name? Well, not too long ago me and a friend made up this little Mafia story and Elisa Rosso was my character's name. The story was fun, until younger kids got in on it and made it lame. Psh. I'm lying. It's STILL fun. ^.~ Maybe I'll elaborate on it, later.

-I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do love it here. Sadly, (and yet not sad) I have to move to Oklahoma City (technically Edmond) soon as my university is there.

- I'm 17 and my birthday is on August 16th not 15th. I have no idea why Gaia has it as the 15th.

-I love music in every shape and form, especially live music. I even like Country music live, though I don't like Country music. I'm would rather go to a live orchestra than a concert. When my school went to Washington D.C. we went to see the Lincoln Memorial (look on the back of your 5$ bill) and instead of going to see the iconic statue up close, I watched the orchestra playing in front of it. Sadly, it costs a lot of money to go to good live performances so I don't get to that often. (If you go take me with you!)

-I play three instruments: violin, flute, and piano. Admittedly, not as well as I'd like, but I still really enjoy playing. (especially video game and anime music ^.^)

-I love One Sentence and Post Secret. I'll listen to classical music and look through those two websites and it'll be the best time ever.

-Hermit Cats! ^o^ I adore Hermit Cats! They are my favorite thing on Gaia. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but their description is one of the best. "Shy and reclusive the Hermit Cat doesn't care much for people. But with some love and attention it'll warm up and share it's strange political beliefs with you."

-Music Boxes. I collect them in real life. They are jewels to me. I've always wanted to live in a music box.

-I had a tie between three subjects I wanted to major in: Linguistics, Music, and Psychology. Seriously, if I had the time and money, I would major in all three.

-I do question and analyze many many things, as I always have naturally, so everything I love and believe is within good reason. I am an open person just not to the extreme point where I lose my identity or the definition of truth for the sake of others.

-I'm going to major in Psychology when I attend college. People who are exceptionally good at something usually start rather young. For instance, the majority of violinists start in the 3-5 years old range. The one thing I know I started doing ever since the beginning was introspect and theorize about people and how they work. It's a great interest and passion of mine and I cannot wait to begin studying it at a University level.

-Have you ever wondered why God choose the color of trees and grass to be green? I have. Maybe it's the calming effect? I know hospitals often paint the walls green because of that.

-Or for that matter why He chose the sky to be blue? They say blue has a peaceful effect as well. He must've known we'd need a lot of calming down...

-I'm learning French! I love different languages and I hope to be fluent in at least 3. I want to learn French, Spanish, Italian, and German. I know that's a lot but there are plenty of people who do it! Maybe I could be one of them. I got that Rosetta Stone program in French as a graduation present and it's actually amazingly effective.

-Intellectual curiosity is very important to me. I actually enjoy school. The thing I don't like is deadlines. haha! If there were no deadlines then it would be perfect, right?

-Anime! I used to have a phobia of anime. I once had this "friend" who broke out some yaoi when I was like 12 and it scared the heck out of me. Fortunately, I have healed over time and like anime now. I mainly watch Death Note and Monster now. In the past I have watched Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, and Big O.

-Speaking of anime, I should tell you what helped my anime phobia healing. Final Fantasy 7! Yes, I went from absent-mindedly watching my brother fight Sephiroth for hours on end to actually buying a Seph plushie off of Amazon.

-Final Fantasy 6! This has the be my favorite game. It was my first video game and is responsible for much of my imagination as a little kid. The music is beautiful and inspiring and the imagery it creates in my mind is just as much. Terra was my favorite character from this game. I so wished I was half Esper when I was younger!

-I've always been afraid of having children. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the thought of having THAT much influence on another's life that is is terrifying to me.

-Even though, I don't want my own children at the moment (which is good, I'm only 17) I've always wanted to find a baby on my doorstep with a note saying "Please take care of my baby." or go into an abortion clinic and convince a woman not to abort her baby. I would promise to pay for everything and adopt the baby when it was born. Then I would celebrate every one of her birthdays like Jesus just came back because her life is indispensably precious and should be celebrated as such. I'd probably name her Cassiel. I think that name is so pretty.

-Although I'm afraid I'll become too attached to them I want lots of pets. I want kitties, sheep, ducks, turtles, chickens, and a snake. How will I pay for them? How will I take care of them? I dunno, but I want to! =D

-Even though my imagination is pretty much useless to others, I spend a lot of time there.

-You remember how when you were younger all of the girls had crushes on famous actors or singers? Well...I watched a lot of science channels when I was younger and had crushes on scientists instead. Ridiculous yes, but I still really liked them.

-I LOVE to dress up. Halloween is so much fun, because on that day alone you can dress the wierdest way you want and people won't give you a sideways look.

-I really enjoy getting my Gaia friends random presents! So make sure your wishlist is visible. Oh and not too expensive, either. If it's under 20,000g I might get it for you. ^.~ However, if you ask me, that lessens the chance it'll come from me. I do love giving presents, but I definitely do NOT like begging in any way. So please just be my friend and you will probably get something from my heart. ^.^ *glitter and sparkles for everyone!*

-I do accept random friend requests because they may have found me with similar interests or on the boards or whatever. However, if they don't talk to me at all or barely do then I'll just delete them. So I will accept you, just try to maintain a little!

-Have you ever wondered if everything on the earth's terrain corresponds to music? Like colors represents a certain pitch and the shape of the object decides the volume and length of the note? Seriously! Look at mountains and think of this. It's as though God made one big song or a bunch of little ones and cast their appearance onto the earth, shaping what it would look like. Can you imagine the music mountains can make? It's really a wonderful thought.

-If you haven't noticed from my pictures on here, I am an optimistic person.

-I really like helping people in Zomg. That's what I do mostly there now because I'm a bored CL 10.0 and we have nothing else to do. Actually, that's where I've found all of my friends except a couple. So if you need help don't hesitate to ask! =)


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Dyznomia Report | 05/16/2012 4:30 pm

        Heyy! :]

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Little Miss Defeatist Report | 07/15/2010 9:50 pm
Little Miss Defeatist
Sig is very cute!
X_i R u l e- H i m i_X Report | 07/12/2010 7:45 am
X_i R u l e- H i m i_X
OMG Its been a while ;o
Celestic_Solar_Nebula Report | 01/02/2010 3:12 pm
Oh yea I know all about that... Sounds like the average day at work... :stares: Guess I'm okay, I'm actually better than I have been lately ;9
Celestic_Solar_Nebula Report | 01/02/2010 2:50 am
Hey sweetie I haven't heard from you in a while! *hugs* How are you!
vexedstar Report | 11/26/2009 5:01 am
xD Vexen's a pretty badass name. But Xemmy is my absolute fav from the Organization 4laugh
Ahaha thanks, I luvs me some Neopets. [Even though I've neglected my pets for about 3 months now o-o]
vexedstar Report | 11/23/2009 4:44 pm
aha i like your sig
i love vexen.
Celestic_Solar_Nebula Report | 11/23/2009 7:08 am
Haha sounds like me in late high school, and this is my 1st year ;9
Celestic_Solar_Nebula Report | 11/21/2009 9:05 am
Yea college is getting to me too atm, I have an 8 page term paper due this week and then finals are next week... Eurgh...

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