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Breanna or Brea is what they all know me as. I''m twenty, born on 01/20/1996. I'm an Aquarius/Capricorn. I'm a sapiosexual. I reside in Northern California, born and raised here. I'm also a junior in college.

HipSTER? Nah, HipPIE.

Sex, drugs & rock n' roll? Yes, pls.


Tumblr ║ Feminism ║ #BLM
Activism ║ Art ║ Music ║ $$$
Fall & Winter ║ Portland ║ Nature
Strawberries ║ Water ║ Apple Juice



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Report | 08/22/2016 8:22 pm


I've been exhausted. Between working and coming home to two energetic toddlers and two older kids while trying to keep up with moral support for my girlfriend is not easy.
But I will say that my life overall is progressing. May not be exciting or going as fast as I would like for it to, it's still progressing.
(It's a reason to get up in the morning, at least)

How about you? School? Work? Family?
How have you been holding up?

Report | 08/20/2016 3:38 pm


Hey, Brrr

Report | 04/22/2016 10:47 pm


Brrr emotion_bigheart
Kurai Ashita

Report | 04/21/2016 11:32 am

Kurai Ashita

YOUR AVATAR! Holy crap I love it!!!'

I am glad you are feeling better dear! Drink lots of tea w lemon and honey for the sore throat and dorm forget to take care of yourself!!! Graduating is important but I personally believe your health is more important. Don't take on too much then kill yourself trying to get everything done. That was a hard learned lesson for me in college.

And yes, JAPAN WAS AMAZING. I just got back Monday. It was the best vacation ever. I did all the things. And spent all the money. I was so happy I got to do so many sailor moon things! I went to the pop up cafe celebrating the return of season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal and the newly opened Sailor Moon Art Exhibit!! Such a happy nerd I am. Also went to the Card Captor Sakura pop up cafe.
bni rbt

Report | 04/20/2016 11:34 pm

bni rbt

Lol no. That was an "amg i haven't talked to you in forever hey!" moment lol
Brea~ <3 c:

Two jobs? Wow. And I thought I had a hard enough time with my one job and school. D:
bni rbt

Report | 04/20/2016 10:43 pm

bni rbt

Hey you! How you been? c:
Kurai Ashita

Report | 03/31/2016 12:16 pm

Kurai Ashita


I hope you feel better soon! I got hella sick with the flu at the beginning of the month and am only NOW finally getting over it all (had a bad cough for 3 weeks). I also hope work is going well, if busy. What are you doing? Anything fun? How is life outside of busy-ness?

I am well. Busy with work, life, and Adulting. But I'm going on vacation in 2 days. TO JAPAN. *queue excited squeals*

Kitty is good too. Fat, dumb, and adorable. He needs to stop with the ankle biting though. That's no fun. No hubby though. I'm a lone lady. With cats. Well A cat. One day it will be a hoard of cats though, just you wait.
Kurai Ashita

Report | 03/28/2016 9:40 pm

Kurai Ashita


You still alive?
Kurai Ashita

Report | 03/10/2016 8:27 pm

Kurai Ashita

yum_puddi yum_puddi

Report | 02/06/2016 8:10 pm


miss you bunch's
How've you been wifey?


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