Just a chilled out, down to earth person. I'm a piercer, and an inspiring tattoo artist. I love playing disc golf with friends. Playing the guitar and singing is one of my lifes passion. And so so soooo much more, lol.

I have 5 piercings - snake bites, left nostril, nasal bridge, and tongue. I'm piercing my septum and possibly a monroe soon.
My lobes are stretched to 7/8 22mm.
6 tattoos.

Don't be a tool and get to know me.

Skype: modifiedsociety
Tumblr: classypolaroids
RuneScape: Tenma

If you're going to add me on Rs let me know, I have mine on private.


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Cool avi

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Cool avi
Witchy Af

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Witchy Af

Hi again. c: sorry, you're the only person online for me.
Witchy Af

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Witchy Af

City and Colour?
Pierce the Veil?
Sleeping with Sirens?
Bring Me the Horizon?
Woe Is Me?
Attack! Attack!?

AND you're a tattoo artist.
Yeah, you need to be my best friend.
Witchy Af

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Witchy Af

lol, it's all cool man. Cx

I honestly haven't seen much gaians who like stuff like that.
Other favorite bands? biggrin
Witchy Af

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Witchy Af

So I noticed you looked at my profile, and when I came to look back, I noticed you were wearing an Asking Alexandria shirt. emotion_kirakira
So that means I kind of love you now.

Purple-eyed Dreamer

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Purple-eyed Dreamer

In those silent shades of grey
I will find a place

Thank you for the purchase. Have a nice day!

to escape the endless night
to find a new sun

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Hey c:

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thanks^^ your avii is cool too.
Sex With Midgets

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Sex With Midgets

Should I?


I will follow you into the dark.